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Biomagnetism, Cortisol, Reaction: The Hate Means Love Game

For thousands of years the cultures of the Far East and some other parts of the world have been using their own bodily energy as a means of healing the human body via Qigong, Reiki and Kundalini Yoga. For a long time the methods have been used safely and to positive effect and remarkable results. I still highly recommend this as a form of healing but referring to a qualified professional is the first step.

In a prior series of posts on biomagnetism I revealed a method by which a person or group of people could theoretically connect to your nervous system via their own biomagnetic field and affect the release of cortisol into your system (to match the levels of their own). There are groups that practice such efforts now and this is more of a heads up than anything and this information could save you much grief should you fall victim to it and it is important to note that this is an attack by such people upon the ideas of the cultures of the Far East.

The presence of cortisol in a person`s body is a key component to anxiety, anger or reaction. It can be produced by the body for a number of reasons and stimulated into production a number of different ways. It is produced by the body during struggle or situations of life or death consequence in order to provide extra motivation and aggression to overcome a threatening obstacle. 

When cortisol is produced in the body of a person that is relatively stable of mood and that person is subjected to stress, there is a high likelihood of that person having a strong reaction to the stress and maybe even an unreasonable reaction. In some people such a symptom of this activity might be the onset of an anxiety attack or sudden harsh reaction and change of mood.

It is important to understand that in such situations that such a victim might be tweaked to such a reaction via someone else's nervous system connecting up with your own via their biomagnetic field as explained in the prior series of posts below but I'll recap here.

Our nervous system communicates with our sensory nerves and our brain via electrochemical messages through out our nervous system. Electricity that passes through a body also produces a magnetic field which is called biomagnetism. This field contains all of the information flying around in our nervous system in real time. When a magnetic field passes through another conductor, it produces a current. Some people can direct their biomagnetic field to someone else's body. When that field hits the body of another person, it creates a resonant current in the body of the recipient and that current contains the same information that was contained in the nervous system of the transmitting person. The recipient's nervous system treats this current as if it was messaging that originated from their own body and therefore if there is the information contained to activate the endocrine system to produce hormones of some kind via the adrenal and endocrine glands, the recipients body might produce them.

Recently there have been people who have perfected such means for an abusive effect upon their victims and anyone whose suffered the onset of a sudden anxiety attack perhaps precluded by verbal torment of some kind from others would know what I am talking about. It might start out with a feeling or tension or stress and then it is accompanied by the verbal torment of those who are trying to measure you for the effects of their cortisol stimulation upon your body. Your reaction is their sure fire indicator that they've successfully affected you and usually signals the point at which they will keep you as such a target of the same activity.

The goal is to get a reaction that forces you to redefine the poles of love and hate (our two most extreme expressions of emotion) in reverse, so that any reaction you had is defined as the opposite. Seeing as most of the time your reactions might be against their activity in provoking you to such a reaction reversing the definitions of love and hate would benefit anyone who disagreed with a prior statement you'd made during the course of the day or something that you made a stand against (for it would be at risk of being reversed).

Another motive for doing as such is that the people that you care about and whom care about you will often be burdened with your reaction. They will probably be tormented by the members of the same ideology that provoked your reaction from you so your reaction is a burden to them making it an ideal means of breaking up connections between people. Especially those who such an ideology disagrees with or those that they'd like to see broken as enough and some of those people might give up on you, as surely as if you were laden with an onslaught of such burden you might be tempted to give up on them if it cost you enough.

That is the goal of such an ideology and by forcing you to redefine your definition of words in order to accommodate the reaction that you have against the harassers is the wrong step, because that only makes it into a competitive game for other similar ideologies or groups to engage in. If your reaction against them means love, then if such groups made it into a competitive game of seeing who could get the worst reaction from you, you'd likely be subject to it for long periods of time. The people that you reacted worst against would gain your greatest bias, and such people would be privy to what you'd only share with those that you love in terms of real love. That is precisely what they're after. Another aspect is that if you are negative or angry in reaction, then your prior good actions and deeds might go to someone else`s credit and often such groups target people for things if they bare merit.

Some people of some ideologies even make it into a competitive game in order to siphon your good from yourself to their members while burdening you with their bad deeds along the way. That`s how the ideology actually cleans themselves up from their own deeds. Be careful if you are a victim of it but I urge you to stand your ground, even if you have a harsh reaction. If you don`t you might be subject to it for hour upon hour within a day and such an ideology are only after stealing the credit for what you do. So if you are targeted you might take that as a compliment just don`t let them take the good that you reserve to share with others by your own means of doing so, not theirs.

First I must say that I have never seen anyone of the cultures that I have mentioned at the top as healers use this abusive form of affecting a person nor making it into such a game and they are most of the time the people that you`d likely turn to with ideas of how to rebalance your body as it can take its toll upon you.

Stay Well And Be Safe
Brian Joseph Johns

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