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This blog serves as a place to express thought provoking views that aren't always so easy to talk about socially. They deal with a variety of ideas that vary from modern issues to areas that are considered risque or taboo within the context of a society. These issues will presented in an article format. I hope you enjoy them and most of all I hope they affect you in some way. One thing that you will find about this blog is that hate is never love and vice versa, though you will be hard pressed to find hate and not so hard pressed to find truth.

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Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, December 8, 2017

Imagination As A Source Versus Experience

Brian Joseph Johns
Hello again. It's time for one of the unique, wonderful and hopefully insightful articles. The topic this time around is one that is largely debated by people all over the world every day and I thought that I'd bring some impact to this debate.

It once again has to do with the difference between thinking and doing. Words versus actions. Speculation versus operation.

As a writer and one who is mostly a (forced by others) recluse I have and do encounter this debate almost every single day. Its a debate of ego for sure and perhaps just another form of the many kinds of polarization that are used by some people to pry us apart, or even to justify taking from others their imagination, thoughts and speculation by the claim that real life experience trumps thought and words. That if you've actually done something or experienced something that it is far more likely that anyone else who thinks something related to what you experienced is getting it from you than they are in just coming up with it in terms of imagination. That's the argument of the doers versus the thinkers. I hate to even recognize this distinction between thought and action but it isn't something that I am often guilty of as much as others that try to justify the concept that thinkers don't create anything at all because their thoughts are derived from the minds of those who've done.

In this concept and ideology that embraces this idea, anyone who writes fictional stories or draws worlds that they've never been to is in fact drawing it from the minds of others who've had real life experiences and memories that act as the foundation for imagination with similar elements. So to put it in other words, that those who do are controlling the minds of those who think. If you create something in words or art, that it is merely coming from the aether of social thought from the memories of those who've actually done. So there is no imagination according to these people.

The people who write and those who create visual arts are just mirrors reflecting the memories of those who remember their real world experiences of doing and that these experiences float around in the aether for the world's imagination to draw upon. So the thinkers are really a second class citizen versus the doers in this polarized view of the world and the mind and that for pirates of consciousness, theft of the creative process of others is perfectly legal and moral on that justification.

Some have even taken this concept a step further implying that certain cultures and bloodlines are in fact responsible for everything that those of "different" of "lesser" cultural heritage and blood think and sometimes do. The first case though being composed of pure ego and arrogance is bad enough (unless you consider yourself more a doer than a thinker). The second case is of course pure elitism and bigotry and has certainly been present throughout history in various forms, especially those often leading to slavery, genocide and war. Certainly one example whereby the existence of such occurrences as mere thought rather than action might have benefited humankind greatly and avoided much loss of life and beneficial knowledge to our species and life in general. That's an immense responsibility for the so called doers to voluntarily take upon themselves. To take the responsibility for all of humankind's wretched actions resulting in destruction, murder and violence stemming from doing versus thinking in exchange for the taking of credit for our greatest achievements. I would in this case beg to offer that perhaps, and this is just a thought, that maybe we might benefit from the foresight gained by evaluating a possible action before just doing it? Maybe thinking about it first?

Certainly in just doing, there is no consciousness for without thought we are merely subscribing to probability that what we do will not be destructive or deadly to ourselves or others because there's no thought about it. We just suddenly act upon a whim and tada! We either live through it or not and that process fuels the thinking of everyone else on the planet giving us a chance to ponder what happened afterward rather than before.

Now of course our thinking is also limited by concepts and our concepts have grammar as a result of language. We can only conceive of that to which we give measure. Our first measure of anything or anyone is course a name. It might be what it is as a "thing". Then a name as a way of referring to a specific thing (of that kind). As we come up with more and more ways to measure and describe things and the time and space they occupy, we develop a grammar about them and reality. So let's return to our example of doing without thinking. All doing occurs within reality and our cognitive experience meaning that we can only conceive of that which we give name and measure as derived from our senses. So our concept of doing is constrained by what we can name and measure in reality in experiencing it. Experience has its own grammar limited by our measure of physical reality and what has happened and not what could be. Therefore our concepts of anything that is possible to be done are confined by what we can do in reality and how we can name and measure it. The question is then are thoughts limited by this definition of what can be done because if they are, then perhaps the doers are right.

Is our imagination confined to the syllabus of what has been done or can we think beyond what has been done and experienced to imagine things that don't exist or even never could exist within the state of names and measure allowed by our existence and physics in relation to what we do or have done?

I have a feeling that there are already probably many detractors and dissidents liberating themselves from the confines of the doers on the sheer proof of the fact that we can imagine things that are not possible to be done and can imagine things that do and cannot exist. Therefore the imagination of artists and creators such as writers, graphic artists and any other medium of art (including coding to a degree) that deal in any concepts do not originate from what has been done. Therefore one cannot claim that doers are the source of imagination and what people think.

I've purposely omitted one element from the doers versus thinkers argument that would really have blown that concept out of the water in the first place and that's music. Music is unique experience in that it has no physical concept that can even begin to define it as an action versus a thought. In fact music provides us with the question of what came first? That which we heard or that of which we dreamt?

So next time someone tries to convince you that you are not responsible for your own creations on the grounds that you've never done the things you imagine or that you create, you can use this article and argument to protect your efforts and your independence of mind and creativity. If they try to claim they have more claim to them because they've done something in real life similar to what you thought of or created in writing or art, then once again you have the proof here that their logic is not possible in that regard and of course they can refute that if they'd not mind taking the blame for every act of war, murder, destruction, genocide and slavery that has occurred as an event in reality rather than just a thought in someone's mind.

I like these articles much better than the ones I've written drawn from the torture of abuse and harassment directed at myself by those who believe they control other people and that's because I'm a thinker and someone who doesn't try to control what someone else does. I mean I'd much rather see people take responsibility and the credit for their own actions, rather than them try to blame art and literature for them just as I'd like to see artists and writers of all kinds get the credit for their creations and not see that credit lost to the ilk of those who believe their culture or bloodline to be superior to that of others capable of creative thought.

Stay Safe And Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Insight, Perspective And Expression

Well it turns out that all of the abuse, harassment and stalking from the cult was an effort to claim they were controlling me and to push me in such a way that would make me seem anti-Israel or anti-Jewish which I am certainly not.

Actually because I am more focused on the red side of things, this cult was actually using colour symbolism in an attempt to push that symbolism to represent Nazism, a dangerous ideology to which I am absolutely opposed.

Most of this cult's competitions and games are based around colour symbolism and using colour symbolism as a means to polarize their victims around one group of people being the loving side (for the purposes of public opinion) and another group of people being the hate side for public opinion. For this cult its a competition in that regard and one that utilizes the theft of a person's history and identity.

The cult responsible also often claim mind control over their victim(s) as well and use that justification to steal the accomplishments and history of the victim and to give it to someone else, while giving their victim the identity of one of their cult members. As I've often griped, this cult has often tried to give me the identity of a pimp and crack dealer, neither of which I am and have never been.

The competition operates like this:

The cult members compete with another group to measure who has more influence over the behavior of an intended victim and often in attempt to make the victim's attitude appear to support or oppose a given issue without them even knowing about that issue in the first place or that they are being manipulated in this way in the first place.

So the cult's recent efforts were about trying to play me on the issues surrounding the state of Israel, my support for it and the current Jewish settlers who inhabit it, and the current proposition to move the capitol to Jerusalem, to which I am not opposed though negotiations with the Palestinians must ensue to insure that all prior agreement and treaty requirements are being met. I entirely support the move, but this move has brought some concerns to the forefront in the minds of the Palestinians that should be addressed diplomatically so as to foster an environment suitable for peace rather than radicalization. This move has the potential to polarize Islam even further where much progress has been made in pursuing peace.

What's so important about me? Nothing really. I have for some reason become iconified by many and those who iconified me believe me to be "possessed" by one of the various groups who took part in this iconification as a public voice. Another possibility is that this ideology believes that I am a very potent kind of empath, that is capable of empathizing other people and groups of people even over great distances, in such a way that they believe I gain their emotional state, their insight and their motivation in addressing and solving their current state of affairs. In other words, this cult does not believe me to be myself at all and believes that I don't even have my own mind. My mind and life experience is according to the beliefs of this cult a kind of recall of other people's lives and life experiences and remembering them as my own as if I'd experienced them myself. This includes every piece of creative work I've labored towards finishing and anything that I've said or done.

Usually the influence of whatever group of people I happen to be empathizing is decided through a game like competition whereby the two sides of an issue that are represented by two diametrically opposed peoples, is decided upon the basis of my behavior and reactions to stalking and abuse by a group of operatives from this cult within my home community in Regent Park, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In this competition, one of the two groups is trying to build up a harsh reaction that seems to contradict my own character and behavior while being burdensome enough that it actually becomes a weapon for the cult to wield against other groups who oppose them by making the burden created by my reactions a burden for other people despite the fact that I always say that I take responsibility for my own words and actions. That responsibility should never lay with anyone else but myself.

So what I've had to say with regard to world issues has been more towards peace than anything else and that is even echoed in my books as well (which are currently offline as a result of the latest verbal and harassment attacks by local cult member neighbours). Again, I cannot stress enough that I believe in everyone's right to choose their own belief or even to be atheist or anything for that matter. Nobody however has the right to violate someone else's rights using their belief system as a justification for doing as much.

I believe that when I say something like this, there are a class of people that are so opposed to rules that when someone sets down a rule, they'll do anything to contradict it if only not to be a "pushover" for the Governing body that made it. This is a sort of street gang mentality that seeks to ensure that no rules dictate the choices of their person. Most people who live by this concept however are more easily manipulated without even realizing it because they've already developed an action/reaction cycle to deal with rules and often this very thing is their demise in the sense of their own principals.

For instance take a set of traffic lights. Some people rather than be a "pushover" to society's traffic rules would much rather cross the street where ever they want. In avoiding being a pushover for someone else's rules they end up crossing the street in open traffic and getting run over and killed all just to prove that they are not under the control of someone else's rules. There's a big difference between declaring your independence of thought and following ideas that often increase your chances of self preservation that in fact aren't challenging your principals or independence at all. This concept very much applies to our human rights and preserving them for others and oneself regardless of differences in opinion and viewpoint rather than regarding protecting the rights of others and oneself as a means by which we give up our independence of thought to rules. In fact by protecting the rights of others and their right to believe as they choose, we are protecting ourselves and proving ourselves not to be selfish. Selfishness is when a group of people want everyone to live by their belief system or religion without allowing them a voice and vote in the matter and or at the very least negotiations for some kind of compromise. There are few modern societies nowadays that deny people the freedom of religion and the freedom of association.

Limiting someone's beliefs or denying them that right altogether is akin to telling them their favourite colour, their favourite work of art, their favourite music or telling us what colours mean when they aren't referring to traffic lights or the civic colours that symbolize first responders and the people that run and maintain infrastructure. The colour of love is different for everyone and can no sooner be dictated for them than what their favourite piece of music is. Its subjective as much as belief is and for some people, the colour of love is all of the colours, the whole friggin' rainbow.

It's easy enough for me to write this obscure blog post on a blog that most people in the world will never read or even find for that matter and so what is my impact for expressing it if I don't act upon it? Some might have you believe that if you do not directly act upon your own views, then they aren't your views because they believe that action alone defines us rather than contemplation and expression. In other words if I don't sign petitions, write letters for others' rights (as I've done many times in prior years) or contribute in one of the many other ways there are for doing so that might qualify as "action", no matter what I've contemplated and expressed, they aren't a part of my being nor to my credit and I honestly believe that this notion is wrong. Just by the very sharing of an idea has action been taken by introducing it into expression from thought and this expression is no lesser, though often more pronounced if followed by action. Just taking the risk of expressing a view that is not popular that protects others' rights in the midst of many who oppose those rights is action and often enough. When other people who are oppressed hear someone else speak up in the face of overwhelming disregard for their rights, their feelings and stresses are redeemed and everyone else who hears, sees or reads that expression might find common ground within themselves to question why they should fear others who oppose their rights enough to hold their tongue. Sometimes expression is the first pebble resulting in a landslide. So when someone denies that your expression is in fact a part of you, they are denying you while taking your expression from you for their own credit or the credit of their membership. The modern piracy of ideas perpetrated by a not so secret society of modern pirates.

The cult in question are a group of people who use this concept as a means by which to erase someone else completely from social existence and as a means of identity, history and theft of expression. The concept is that if you carry the burden of others, you get the credit for their good. So if someone is denied their own burden or contradicts it in some way that someone else doesn't, that person gets the applicable history and identity associated with that segment of your own history as if it were theirs. Meanwhile you end up with the history of someone else whose history and identity matches the behavior that the cult was able to provoke from you while they stalked and abused you. I am only explaining this part as it relates to myself so that others may understand how it relates to the bigger picture because during a victim's reactions, there often accompany insights related to said issues that are helpful and beneficial.

These insights could be said to be "milk" and the victim a "Cow". The cult in this sense could be said to be the farmers milking the "Cow". So the victim despite having come up with those insights, is not recognized as their source. Instead, these insights and statements (and sometimes actions that accompany them) are taken from the victim and credited to someone the cult has chosen prior to these shenanigans to iconify that person and elevate their status. So this cult uses people like myself as sources of energy to power their lives and they likely do this same thing to many other people as well. The victims seldom are reimbursed or compensated either for the abuse or the theft of their insights, creativity and other efforts. In my case, the abuse often results in my giving up on trying to take an active role in society which is what this cult wants because if you're isolated, it is much easier to milk you than if you have a social circle who witness what your output in society is. Because I am a writer (The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative and several other short stories and novellas associated with the characters from both of those universes) and programmer, what efforts I make are often hidden from other people to see directly. I mean there's no guarantee of knowing who is sitting behind this keyboard on the computer that I'm writing this from if I am alone. There's nobody here to see me as I do it to corroborate that fact. However, if others can spy on my computer illegally and see that there is someone typing on it and writing or creating things on it, they can attribute that to anyone who is local to where this is going on. If people from all over the world are able to spy on this, then anyone of them could take the credit for it. That's the logic of this cult by the way and the justification they use to steal what other people create, say and do. The worst part about this cult's belief and application of their belief (illegally) is that if they can trick the victim into revealing themselves as the creator of whatever is being taken from them, the cult regard it as belonging only to those who keep it secret rather than those who reveal or advertise their own efforts. So if you make a resumé, do any web or print advertising for your efforts, you are considered by this cult and collective to not be responsible for them.

Now you might ask how that would matter at all if they're your creations. It does matter because as a social collective and a sizable portion of the population in some areas, they can outnumber the people who either know the true source or those who have no idea at all. So in this essence they can write the history of who created what and who did what as a means to steal those person's history from them, and sometimes without them even knowing. So yes, it does matter but to those victims who argue in protection of their own efforts, they are often labeled as complainers or even selfish for trying to take the credit for their own efforts. So when things are turning against this cult, they often attack their victim and the source of their problems in that regard in an effort to discredit their victim by making their reaction to this abuse appear to contradict the nature of the person that created whatever the victim is laying claim to. In other words so they don't appear with being consistent to their own creations. If their works sound enlightened or possessed of information and sensibility, then the cult attempt to provoke reactions of which there are no such qualities exhibited by the victim.

Even this post here is at risk of such means of theft which again might seem trivial to others who've never had their efforts stolen from them by such means but if you're a victim of this and someone else steals your victimization, then that might mean you're labeled as one of the thieves. One of the cult's most common tactics is to swap places with their victim making it very difficult to determine who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

When a victim relocates to another area, the cult often takes advantage of this by dumping all of the negative reputation onto the victim while keeping all of their positive reputation in the area they leave. I've been through this a few times myself and it is not fun.

What really confirms this cult's effort for myself is that there are ways to verify that its happening and those ways involve either a neutral party keeping an eye on the cult members responsible for the harassment and theft, which will prove its existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. The fact that most people do not want to take actions of that sort despite the fact that the cult takes actions similar to those in order to steal the victim's efforts just proves that it exists, because the means to verify through a witness to this activity are so trivial that it indicates that when people don't want to expose it by these means, they must benefit from it somehow.

So I often turn off the proverbial tap so that there's no milk to take. When harassed though I often respond by sharing my principals with regard to this cult's activities and some of them regard that as "milk". So in a sense, they're getting their fill of it regardless.

During this process I am often treated as if I am someone else. The cult members rarely refer to people by their names but rather by a description of one of their qualities and they use this ambiguity to apply someone else's identity to their victim. This is a way of linking those two people up together so that whatever the victim creates goes to fueling the life of the person to whom they're forcibly linked and all the while the victim is punished for the burdens and issues of that person (or at very least harassed about them constantly). I believe that this cult sees that as a payment for the blood of said person and this cult does this forcibly, never allowing the victim to choose to whom they're linked. In fact the cult prevents any relationships for the victim that go against their ideology especially with regard to their concepts of blood.

I took the prior post offline for reasons of safety not for myself but for others as I still plan to confront everything I revealed in that last post. Fortunately during this post I was much more stable in terms of anxiety to keep this post legible rather than manic.

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is http://risquefactor.blogspot.ca

I am single and have been for 7.5 years.

I am monogamous and have been my entire life.

I am 50 years old.

I have green eyes.

That should help distinguish my identity a bit better.

I am NOT a Jehovah's Witness or any other religion other than a Buddhist and a Taoist as different as that might seem for a Caucasian Canadian man.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

More Information About Gang Identity Swapping

Author: Brian Joseph Johns
I'm back with another quick post outlining another methodology practiced by one the abusive gangs or groups out there that I've often referred to as identity swapping.

What Am I Talking About?

It comes in a variety of forms, but in this article I'm going to focus on inconvenient identity swapping. That is when the membership of this ideology tries to swap or replace your identity with that of someone from a point in your past or present against your will and without your consent. The inconvenient part of the term refers to the fact that the ideology tries to pit you as the worst person from a past situation, including situations where you were there as a victim or witness to the events.

In order to make this identity swap or replacement stick to you, they first attempt to trick you into contradicting something about yourself from that time. Usually something specific to your character or your nature especially if at that situation and point of time your nature was good or peaceful.

The means by which they achieve this contradiction of your past self is by having a group of their members harass you for long periods of time. If you've been tricked at all by this ideology, you may have ended up in your current living circumstances in the midst of this abusive ideology without even realizing it. The ideology seem to have members in many of the right places just to ensure such things occur. So this is very organized and very corrupt. If you find that you are harassed throughout the night by more than one of your neighbours and that people close to your living space seem to be keeping track of your movements out into the world (without a good justification), chances are you've been led to a choke point in terms of your living space where they have access to you in your place of residence.

So the idea is that with enough abuse and harassment, this ideology can provoke a reaction from you to contradict any good nature you may have exhibited in the past. This is exactly the goal the ideology are trying for as they use this and any reactions they get from you to imply that you are the you from a situation that occurred in the past, but someone else that was involved in or witness to that very same situation.

For the ideology it is a competitive way of rewriting the past away from events as they really occurred by making the weight of burden for one's better history much heavier than it is for others. In that sense the victim of this activity is likely to react in a way that completely contradicts the nature of themselves at that point in the past which gives the ideology the justification to claim that you were not you from that situation but were in fact one of the other people from the same situation.

This often occurs where the victim's situation was a good one in the situation in question, and which would benefit someone else (often a member of this ideology) who was also there at the same situation but either not involved or involved in a particularly bad aspect of it.

Author's Notes And Preamble

By the way, I am not revealing these things as a selfish complaint for someone to rescue me from such abuse. I am exposing this because there are certainly other victims out there and probably multitudes of them who do not have the experience that I do with this phenomenon. By sharing this knowledge I hope the protect many people because by understanding how this ideology operates, it gives you more options than if you didn't know at all. Not only that, but I am trying to beat this ideology at their own game by revealing the deepest secrets of how their ideology operates in society because one of the core beliefs of this ideology is that the only valid thing in one's life is what they keep secret, because essentially that's how they clean out their victims. By taking their life secrets from them one at a time as a means to steal their identity and to make them "disappear". Hence, if you do the same thing to this ideology, you'll be beating them at their own game.

Note: I cannot stress enough the importance of not trying to apply an identity or label to this ideology because to do so might be a fatal mistake for one's allies. One of the most devious and Machiavellian strategies (no disrespect is meant to Italian culture by the use of that name) is to pit the victims against their own allies and to create infighting in any allegiance that crosses them. So to mistakenly label this ideology as any single group without being 100% certain that group is responsible is to arm the ideology with the means to make enemies for the victims and to break allegiances. The goal is to make everyone immune to them by enlightening everyone to the methods of their operation. Occasionally due to the high stress of being victimized by the ideology, I may gripe or rant but this blog is specifically filtered for that kind of activity so as to maximize the value of information to anyone victimized as a result of this ideology.

History Swapping

For a real world example I've experienced: Alex is verbally accosted by Bob. The altercation grows to the point where Bob assaults Alex, but Alex does not respond violently but more so verbally defensively while maintaining their collect. You are there at the situation and a good friend of Alex's, but rather than jump in and turn the situation into a full out fight, you instead watch and keep a safe eye as the events unfold. The situation ends without any more violence, though Alex is shaken and Bob later goes on to experience social punishment as a result of his behavior.

Two or three years later, you live in a completely different community and living arrangements. You suddenly find your neighbours harassing you through the walls mentioning Bob's name as if it was yours. They continue to abuse you further and further every night until one night you blow up and react harshly to their abuse. You've lost several nights of sleep in a row and despite your busy schedule you've kept up. You notice that people out in the world while you run your daily errands such as got to work/volunteer/shopping/gym or some other applicable activities tend to treat you very abruptly and rude. Sometimes their words take on a similar tone and form to the harassment you experience from your neighbours. After weeks or months of this you finally blow up at your neighbours, yelling at them through the walls.

That's the first step because you've now reacted like Bob would, and the members of this ideology are in fact friends with Bob or have Bob in their circle or religion. So they seek to rewrite Bob's history by putting Bob in your place, and you in his. From that point on that is how the story will be told by members of their ideology and because you no longer have contact with Alex, you cannot clarify the reality of that history with him. As a result you stand to inherit someone else's history for which you are not responsible, while Bob inherits the reputation and history of your peaceful nature. Meanwhile your hostile reaction to their abuse is put before a "jury" of people who assess which person you seem more like from that situation. Bob or yourself. Had you not reacted to the group's abuse, you might not have ended up in such a situation but that can hardly be your fault?

Example two from my personal experience: Alice lives in a residential building where she is experiencing regular harassment from one of her neighbours. She does not know the neighbour and has not had any contact with him before. He is just a stranger who periodically yells at her through the walls or her open windows. She has become very manic and scared and has asked you to come over to keep her company and to act as a witness in case anything happens. The two of you decide to go for a walk and get some fresh air, which might help Alice to feel better. While out for this walk, you both encounter Burt, the man who has been harassing Alice.

Burt immediately begins harassing Alice completely oblivious of your presence there. You stand between him and Alice and ask him to withdraw his statements and to give her an apology and then to refrain from dealing with her at all in any manner in the future. Burt instead uses the opportunity to punch you. After doing so he immediately retreats back to his living space after insulting Alice again.

You return with Alice to her place and call the Police. The Police arrive and tell you that they cannot do anything unless you want to press charges. The Police advise you that Burt may be mentally ill and may not be taking his medication. You ask the Police to knock at his door and speak with him about the situation. The Police get no answer and finally you decide to go easy on the person, who may have been mentally ill as the Police Officer had said. You do not press assault charges against Burt. Fortunately Burt no longer addresses Alice and she lives peacefully but still a little shaken as a result of the issue having been a prior spousal abuse victim. Eventually she recovers and regains her confidence. Time passes and you lose contact with Alice.

Years later and we have a very similar situation as to example one. You are now living in a new residence a good distance from where that situation occurred. You find that your neighbours begin harassing you about someone they refer to as both Burt and "punch". In fact they are treating you as if you are that person and you don't quite make the connection as to what they're doing. You go months through harassment from your neighbours and again, eventually you freak out and threaten to call the Police on them and sue them, raising your voice to epic proportions as a result of the sleep deprivation you've experienced.

Once again this is the first step to you inheriting Burt's history from that situation. That's exactly what the ideology are trying to do for their friend Burt, despite the legality or morality of it. If all of their members remember it the opposite of how it really occurred, then your history will be completely rewritten and your hostile reaction have given the "jury" a reason to believe that you were Burt from the situation while Burt was you. You've lost contact with Alice much as you did with Alex, so there's no way of clearing up the confusion about who you were in that situation.

After both of these situations, the ideology then tries for further reactions from you in order to secure your history as theirs and their history as yours. These are just a couple of examples of such situations and believe me this does happen, and as I've said, the ideologies involved have an efficient network of people who can even affect where you end up living a few years down the road, in such a way that you end up smack dab in the middle of active members of their ideology. This leaves you vulnerable to their plans and their efforts to take your history from you and to leave you with theirs.

Local Temporary Identity Swapping

This form of identity swapping is used to hide or keep hidden a victim by swapping their identity with that of someone else's within the vicinity of their place of residence. When the victim leaves to go someone in their community, the victim's identity is swapped with someone else's close to their living space as they leave. Worn colours often play into this form of identity swapping as they symbolize the transfer of identities, or any standing polarity reversals that exist (usually symbolized by the colour blue). A polarity reversal as I've explained previously is where the colour blue is used to symbolize that two diametrical opposites are reversed in definition. For instance, love means hate and hate means love. Up means down and down means up. Colours also symbolize the transfer of identities, usually with the shade white meaning that you are revealing your identity or whatever other colour you are wearing, while the shade black means that you are absorbing it from other people.

If you wear black or have it as an active shade by touching something with that shade as a victim, you will be loaded up with burden from others. If you wear white or have it as an active shade by touching something with that shade, you will be revealing and sharing whatever is applicable to your life with others wearing black or that make the shade black active for themselves by touching something of that colour. So the trouble caused by these two forms of colour symbolism is how the ideology plays victims and manipulates (often referred to as puppeteering) their victims into wearing specific colours and shades. Polarity reversals also apply to black and white in such a way that black can mean white and white can mean black in terms of their symbolism.

So a victim leaves their living place to go out into their community. On their way they pass one of the ideology members who has carefully timed their passing the victim so as to either transfer their identity onto the victim, and/or to take the victim's identity from them as they pass. To the ideology once this swap occurs, they will regard you as being this other person until you do or say something that contradicts their nature.

The ideology also believes that these identities are stackable. That is you can actually be identity swapped with more than one person at a time. You can literally have a whole stack of different identities so that if you contradict one, you're still considered to be one of the others remaining that you haven't contradicted in some way. Once you've removed all of these identities by these means, the ideology then considers you to be yourself.

During that time however the ideology will try to get as much good out of you as they can, especially if you are identity swapped with someone in their favour. That's because anything good or bad you say or do while in this identity swapped state goes to the credit or blame of the people whom you're believed to be identity swapped with. So if you say or do something exceptional during that time, it will not go on your resume of good efforts and deeds. It will go to fuel the lives of these repugnant thieves of what other people say and do. That is the prime motivation for doing it.

So their goal is to get an identity onto their victim without their victim knowing it or dropping that identity for as long as possible. In that way they have a way to siphon from the victim anything they accomplish in their life and keep in mind that this is accomplished by the efforts of a collective. That is large groups of people with similar ideologies who benefit from doing this to a person. The victim is often kept secret while this happens and when the victim complains about it, the ideology will often claim that the victim is experiencing the reality of someone else's life, rather than their own. In other words, what they steal from the victim is attributed to the other person and when the victim protests this they are made to appear like they had nothing to do with their own efforts at all. That their frustration at having their experiences stolen is just the result of them experiencing someone else's life and reality. Whomever their identity is swapped with.

This form of attack usually hits the victim when they leave their living space on a foray into the community. People who do a lot of creative work with computers are often the most targeted victims of this activity because while a victim is creating or working on a computer, there is nobody to verify who is actually doing the work and using that computer versus someone who works in public or in front of other people. It could be anyone and the ideology uses this premise very much to their advantage.

Secrets Matter

The foundation to most of how this ideology operates is related to the symbolism of the shades black and white. Black often symbolizes the keeping of secrets while white symbolizes the revealing of secrets. When you verbally reveal something, especially whilst wearing the shade black or while the shade black is considered active for you by touching something that is black, you are considered to have lost that thing altogether whatever it may have been. If you reveal your own name during this situation, you lose your name. If you reveal your address, then you lose that too and so on. So basically the idea is that you only get to keep what you keep secret. If someone else keeps it secret better than you do, then it must belong to them. That is the foundation of this ideology and one of the simplest forms of identity theft.

So if you are required to give out your name during any interaction with someone, if the ideology members are around then you can consider your name lost for the day along with any other information you give out about yourself or others. If you give out information relating to others, then you are giving it up for safe keeping to whomever is in earshot. That's literally how this ideology operates. So if you say something about how someone you know did something good as a way to reward them by bolstering their reputation, this ideology will just take that and wear it as if it was their own. It won't benefit the person who did something good at all because those who overheard it will carry it secretly and be treated as if they were the ones responsible for it.

Consider people like storage trunks. They can be filled up with things that are of a good nature or that are of a bad nature. The ideology will mistreat those who are carrying the burdens of a bad nature so that they have more of a chance to react badly, hence contradicting their good nature which in turn means they lose the good they were carrying (if any) and can be filled up with more bad.

Meanwhile whomever ends up with that good, will be treated good for it, as if they were responsible for it themselves. So the ideology often targets victims who've done a measure of good, and abuses them as a means to empty them onto on of their allies by getting a hostile or hateful reaction from the victim, while pulling the victim down in such a way that they are only allowed to carry bad from that point on for the rest of the day or until they've turned their mood around and have done something of a good nature.

Stay Safe And Be Well,

Brian Joseph Johns

This is http://risquefactor.blogspot.ca and I am Brian Joseph Johns.

Monday, November 27, 2017

God As A Social Concept: Our Current State

Author: Brian Joseph Johns
Hi. It's been a long time since I've posted on this, my most controversial blog and one that is certainly a far cry from Poetry And Fiction (http://poetryandfiction.blogspot.ca), and the now deceased Butterfly Dragon: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative blogs (http://thebutterflydragon.blogspot.ca, http://talesofthesanctum.blogspot.ca) and the final resting place of both series, the now defunct Shhhh! Digital Media (http://www.shhhhdigital.com). 

Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own was a book I'd written based off of a short story I wrote when I was thirteen. I revived the same idea around 2011 and began publishing it on June 2012 on my Poetry And Fiction blog. Like it's sibling, A Lady's Prerogative, it quickly outgrew the site and gained a site of its own. Around the time of Late 2012, another book with the name The Butterfly Dragon was published by another author creating a lot of confusion and really messing up the fervor that had arisen about my Butterfly Dragon. Not to mention an abusive group both locally and abroad began stealing or plagiarizing my work and claiming it as their own. That includes people who reside in my building of residence keeping in mind that I do not socialize in my building or community at all. Some people call this Group or Gang Stalking and it is something of which I've been a victim for a few decades not having known its name.

Regardless, several stories from both series gained immense popularity and quite a following though most of the notoriety of The Butterfly Dragon (my book and stories) obviously went to the other author's book. Ironically parts of the two books are very similar as well though with mine being centered around a young Chinese girl named Ai Yuanlin Ying who befriends another young girl named Alicia Westin. Some of the later stories in the series included "A Piano, A Full Glass And The Disappearance Of Time", "What Different Eyes See", "Practice Makes Perfect" and "Valkyra's Deal". "What Different Eyes See" grew in proportions that I'd had it slated to be its own independent book before I canned it as a result of abusive stalking and the theft and plagiarism of my works. As for A Lady's Prerogative, the book itself slowly grew in popularity as I released more freely available stories detailing the adventures of the characters from the book. These stories included: "Where Art Thou Barris?", "Hallow's Weave", "Bella's Tarot Reading" and many more. I'd even finished the second book in the series: A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth before deciding to can my efforts as a result of the same abuse, harassment, theft and plagiarism. It was as if this ideology was erasing my existence and identity while giving me someone else's. An ideology who believe that you only keep what you keep secret. Anything you speak or write, becomes the property of someone else. A cult if you will though they might fit accurately into what I've tried to describe in this article. So that brings me to this blog post.

I am not a member of any belief system that would penalize me for complaining or more accurately protesting. I certainly prefer to share my best with the internet and to represent my country and those I hold dear in a good light rather than posting material like this in protest of abuse or an exposure of abusive ideologies that are overstepping their boundaries and failing to respect the fact that society is largely secular and that we all have a right to our own beliefs. We essentially are required to answer to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the Charter of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. One of the things stated in the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act is the fact that we legally have the right to be free of harassment and discrimination on the basis of colour meaning not only the colour of a person's skin but the colour of our eyes, our hair, the clothing we wear and the things with which we interact. Much the same we legally have the right to be free from harassment and discrimination on the basis of association. That means on the basis of who and what groups with whom we associate and more importantly those groups with which we don't associate.

So what brought me back to this venue after such a long hiatus? A few run-ins with some of the notorious ideologies and groups making society a very difficult place as of late. Those who often attempt to polarize everyone to one of two sides, then breaking those sides down even further ad infinitum through a process akin to bifurcation. Something as simple as polarization and bifurcation though has more sinister hidden means. After all, what better way to hide polarization that to pit a conflict between those who are against polarization, in essence those who believe in the gray areas of life against those who operate on dualistic absolutes of diametrically opposed concepts. Love versus hate. Women versus men. Age versus youth. Racism versus homophobia. Blood versus diversity. Consider these conflicts the decoys so that abusive ideologies who exist to steal the history and identities of others and to take what other people accomplish for their own credit. That's something to which most of my creative efforts fell victim and so I did what I had to. I stopped them in time, where my attention nor efforts towards their progression find ground so that I could direct some energy exposing the social ideologies responsible. I hope you enjoy this short but to the point article and blog post which is very much in the spirit of Risque Factor.

God As A Social Concept: Our Current State

In terms of some modern practicing religions seeking to run the world according to a theocracy, the God concept is a veiled allegory for a collective of people who elevate one person to the role of "God". The collective carries out the will of this "God" according to the rules of their particular religion or sect and the judgements of this "God". 

The afterlife is another allegory for a point when a person is considered "dead" to the members of such faiths and religions. You see, to these religions, death refers not to physical death but perhaps their impression of spiritual death. Of course such a person who is considered dead in this fashion must find their way to adhering to the religion's rules and accept the chosen savior of said religion in order to be absolved of their sins according to the rules of that religion.

Hell is what happens to you if you don't adhere and accept the rules of a savior. This is the way many religions apply their beliefs within the context of a human lifetime. Most similar beliefs operate in conjunct with one another to achieve their goals via an organized system of colours much like some criminal gangs operate in the same way.

In religions that have a concept of a "Satan" or "Lucifer", the same idea applies. A collective of people elevate one person to the role of this "Lucifer" or "Satan" figurehead that is sometimes referred to as "King Hell". That person runs the show amongst those who've been cast into this allegorical version of "Hell". All of this happens long before anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up in it physically dies. Death in terms of many religions has come to mean a metaphor representing the time when a person is considered dead by those of society who believe said religion.

This by the way is happening right now all over North America. Unfortunately it misrepresents those involved in any religion or belief system for the good of humanity by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and caring for the unhealthy all while absent of religious dogma or pragmatism of any kind whether a believer or an atheist.

We all have the right to choose our beliefs or not to believe a religion at all as well as the freedom of association. I live in Canada and those rights are (supposed to be) protected by the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. In the United States that would be similar to the Bill Of Rights I'd imagine. After all, we are supposed to be a secular society, separating Church and State.

Keep in mind that when most people are brought down for their sins by such beliefs and often zeal that they are allotted a "substitute" who will often end up taking most if not all of the punishment for the one being brought down by such an ideology, which some believe to be a Christ-like sacrifice or the Lamb of Abraham taken from the Biblical story of when Abraham was asked by God to slaughter his son Isaac, as a test of faith. Just before Abraham executed his son, God switched Isaac with a sacrificial lamb, hence "substitution". That's actually what is meant by the term: Lamb for the slaughter. A substitute to take the brunt of one's punishment.

Many such religions also believe heavily in the idiom: As above, so above and as above, so below. This saying is also echoed in the Kybalion as well and represents the link between those on the top and the bottom of society, social classes and the Caste (where it applies). So for every one who falls by the zeal of the crowd or a religious belief (often gone too far), there's a substitute who takes the brunt of the punishment in place of that person.

This is very similar to the concept of entanglement in Quantum Physics, where the forces applied to one atomic particle affect another particle sympathetically to which it is entangled despite the distance between them. Christ in this sense is considered by many religions and believers to be the ultimate substitute or dupe (depending upon with whom you speak).

Worse yet is the fact that there are enough people who recognize this going on in society that have learned to capitalize upon it by pretending to be the "substitute" for people they have not actually been substituted in terms of receiving their "social punishment".  In this sense the supposed substitute then asks for compensation which is often paid in the form of taking the credit for the good efforts of the person they substituted for, or by having them carry the burdens of the substitute for a time. Consider substitution to be a form of identity swapping and identity theft, a topic I've covered before on other blogs and mediums.

That creates a system of social debt that is often used to justify the theft of the accomplishments and efforts of the one who was supposedly having their "social punishments" substituted. I hope you followed most of that as it does get complex.

Hence, spying on someone to learn their secrets creates a free avenue to siphon from a victim by carrying the burdens or sins of that person (according to one of the religions who follow this doctrine). If they carry the weight of the secrets of someone, then they must also get the credit for their good. That's basically the whole scam. So being able to spy on someone or find out their secrets is what this is really all about.

Much of this is related to some people capitalizing upon the Gnostic concept of reconciliation, which is sort of a world wide form of auditing and balancing of the books in terms of who was wronged and deserves compensation. That is most of what is going on today that most people refer to as social justice and with it came a lot of far worse unseen side effects. 

Oddly enough and in the vein of this topic, Adolph Hitler considered himself a Gnostic.

Brian Joseph Johns

I originally wrote this article as a post to a reply on a youtube video on The Atheist Voice youtube channel (a channel I happen to enjoy very much). I also published this article in a changed form from how it appeared at Secret Game Exposed, an even more controversial and expressive blog than this one, though one that I keep as more of a place to journalize my thoughts and experiences as they happen.

Copyright © 2017 Brian Joseph Johns.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Abuse Cycle, Terrorism And Social Abuse: How It All Relates

Contrast And Extremity

Contrast is often what defines our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong and just how extreme those concepts are. The more contrasting in nature of opposites, the more extreme the juxtaposition of those ideas is. So in order to see something as being very good, we might need to see something in contrast that is very bad. A bright light in other words makes a dark shadow just as a dark shadow is needed to see how bright a light is. This is the overall concept of this post and it relates to the topic, though not in ways that you might expect at first.

Terrorism is the malevolent planning to harm other people and to create fear most often in order to further an ideology.

Terrorism even operates though in the same way, because it hopes to incur a reaction in the victim that makes the victim of terrorism look like the monster rather than the people who conduct the terrorism. That reaction will further the goals of those conducting the terror by making the reaction of the victim appear to be monster-like.

Another aspect relating this to terrorism is that when someone conducts such an act, they are hoping that the retaliation is so bad against them or their people, that it actually creates a social debt against the people who reacted against it. Later the people that reacted against the terrorist act might feel guilty for reacting so harshly. It is this that terrorists hope to benefit by and that is the very thing that is meant by luring someone to give their life up in the name of such an act and telling them it will benefit their people. Its because they are trying to harvest from their victims by turning their reaction against the terrorism into a debt.

The people who reacted in a hostile manner will eventually feel guilty about it and make it up to those they reacted against. That means that they are rewarding those people for their terrorist act. This is why martyrdom is so powerful a symbol in recruiting. Because its' the reaction against terrorist acts that result in the social debt and social guilt, which then acts to reward the the terrorism in the first place.

How It Relates To The Spousal Abuse Cycle

The abuse cycle works the same way where it happens in regard to someone abusing their spouse. They might abuse their spouse for a long time hoping for a reaction from them. When the spouse reacts, they might really respond harshly and the abusive spouse wants that. The abused spouse might go away and later after they calm down they might feel guilty for their reaction against their abusive spouse and then try to make it up to them. If they do, they are rewarding the abusive spouse for their abuse. This is what keeps the abuse cycle going in such relationships.

So in other words the abused is rewarding the abuser when they feel guilt for their reaction to such an abuser and then offer to make it up to them. This is the draw of terrorism. In other words the reaction that terrorism spawns can create a social debt against the society who reacts harshly in response to it and the kind of people who plan and conduct terrorism know that. A generation or two down the road and its a debt that might be paid by our children or theirs. That means they're rewarding it and that's what the allegory of martyrdom as interpreted by extremism is trying to sell to those who'll buy it and conduct such acts. Often giving up their lives in the process. If you attack someone and they respond in anger and loathing, they become the monster and the Casus Belli is in the favor of the attackers. That is sooner or later the public might deem that reaction as a debt in favor of the attackers. That's basically rewarding the attacker for their violence just as giving an abuser a pleasurable favor out of guilt for overreacting to their abuse is rewarding the abuser.

Social Abuse

Social abuse operates in a similar way. A group of people gang up on one person and every person provides a little bit of the abuse collectively over time. They're hoping that person will eventually overflow and react and when they do, they call it a social debt owed by their victim to those that abused them. So social abusers gang up as a group on one person and do essentially the same thing. They each provide a little piece necessary to get a reaction from their victim and call it a debt literally and try to collect on it by stealing the words or deeds of the victim that they do this to. Social abuse has become a very common game in some communities across North America (and possibly other places). It is quite common here in Toronto, Canada.

Each person applies a little bit of the abuse to one person that accumulates over time and builds up in the victim. They might even collaborate to take away aspects of the victim's life such as a relationship and career. That further results in pressure to get the victim to burst. When they do, they might appear to be more monster-like than the social abusers themselves because social abuse is seldom detectable.

The truth is though that the people who do that are the real monsters. If such people would push a person to hate, then perhaps it is them who are the real haters?

Now Bring In Contrast

The contrast to making someone appear good is often to make someone else appear bad. The more this contrast, the more the effect. So to make someone else look really good, such a group might just need to abuse someone collectively until they react in a bad way, which contrasts the person they're trying to make appear good. Of course the reaction that might be gotten from the abuse victim might even be charged as a debt against them too. In this way, the people who would do such a thing have a lot in common with terrorists. They're benefiting from the negative reaction they incur in a victim, then hoping to call it a debt or that their victim feels guilty for their reaction and rewards the abusers.

So there's a strong link between terrorism, spousal abuse, and social abuse in that way.

Social Abuse And Modern Technology

In this day and age with modern technology (which I love by the way), the social abusers have learned to use it to collect social debts by illegal eavesdropping and the theft of their victim's deeds by spying on their computers so they know when there's something to take from the victim to pay for the social debts the social abusers themselves incurred. So in other words, they can spy on your computer (illegally), then figure out who you are and if what you do on your computer is good, they only need to socially abuse at home or in your community in order to create a reaction so they can call it a debt. Worse, they could simply claim that someone else created whatever you were working on. The same people use it to steal directly from their victims as well.

First of all, its not the Government that's spying on its citizens for this purpose. It is some citizens, interest groups, ideologies and even criminal gangs who are spying on other citizens in communities all over. The truth is that those who are doing the spying, blame it on the Government in both the United States and Canada. Those doing are usually not interested in voting or filing taxes.

Some Government employees might benefit from the illegal spying while others possibly even for the purposes of keeping an eye on risks of terrorism, but it is not generally conducted by the Government or the Policing services as much as it is conducted by other interest groups, criminal gangs and probably many of them simultaneously. Even the intelligence services of others countries who share their intel with their interest groups locally and vice versa. In this sense in some areas it is a volatile situation that goes to great lengths to keep this activity secret within the communities where it operates.

I am not anti Government at all and vote and file my taxes every time I'm required to do so to support our Parliamentary democracy. I hope that everyone at least makes the effort to vote.

If you don`t think that it's possible or believe that its not happening, then read this. I don't believe that the Government is out to get us at all. Nor are law enforcement or intelligence services. I believe that anti-Government groups have gotten a lot more organized and use other people's identities to conduct their activities and operate in communities to swap their activities with a solitary victim that they isolate. Usually an innocent person whom has nothing to do with it whose efforts such a group steals and then dumps their activities onto the their victim.

I've also posted numerous articles on these facts as well. The problem doesn't appear to be the spying itself but the fact that there are civilians who end up with access to such spying output themselves illegally and use it for their own personal agenda or in order to further their ideology or criminal activities preying upon people who use the technology for some good ends.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Losing Your Bearings A Lot?: The World Of Polarity Reversal

A compass is perhaps one of the most important discoveries of exploration next to the calendar. With the calendar we can easily discern the direction of our travel by the direction of Sol, our Sun's travel above us from the east to the west on a daily basis. From that minor piece of information we can discern or direction of travel with the naked eye, even resorting to a stick pushed into the ground and using the direction of its shadow for bearings.

When the day is cloudy and overcast, it is sometimes impossible to tell which direction the Sun is travelling and therefore impossible to discern our direction. We might not have some obvious indicators such as Sun bleached grass near a tree (which would indicate the east - west axis by the fact the shadow from the tree would result in a band of grass much darker than the Sun bleached variety). When those means fail, we are out of luck so to speak. Enter the compass, our wonder tool for navigation. With it we can quickly and easily determine our directions, and travel quickly from point to point and make it to and from our destination and departure point in record time (if we've enough fuel). This miracle device operates by the wonder of the Earth's magnetic poles. Our North Pole specifically, which houses a powerful magnet that quickly determines the direction of magnetic North on our compass. All's well as long as the polar magnets remain in the correct polarity. What would happen if the poles suddenly reversed. Then reversed again. Then once again after that? What if they continued doing the same thing over and over again?

Our advancement and navigation through progress and working together in society is dependent upon communication. Words form the basis of communication and like the Earth itself, words have a polarity too, Words can be spun like a coin and dropped on the table to reveal their definition or the opposite definition if it so turns out. This concept is the polarity of words. With the polarity of words, we can quickly reverse the definition of something we've said to mean the opposite, or we can obscure a truth by explaining the opposite fact so that others listening in to our conversation are diverted in the completely the opposite direction. Great if you are let in on this tantamount wonder of secret by the rest of your fellow human beings. What if you weren't? What if the entirety of human kind somehow decided: we're not going to tell everyone, just the ones that we want to know.

Well then, you'd probably stumble around for a while thinking that everything was just fine and dandy and before you knew it, you'd be finding life very difficult and not understanding why it had become as such. You'd say: Wow, I really love my job! and others at your work place would probably start avoiding you. You might kiss your girlfriend and say: Honey, you're awesome. How about we go out and I take you for a nice dinner? She might pack her things and leave you promptly. There are many possibilities and that is for certain and it probably would not go too well for you if you were one of the last to find out.

Now imagine that the polarity of the Earth just kept on jumping back and forth between North/South alignment. What would you do? If you were an explorer you'd immediately have to rely on another means of navigation other than the polarity of the Earth core magnetic. Much like that with words, you'd have to rely on another means of communication that did not depend upon the definitions of words. A difficult prospect at best.

You'd quickly have to hammer out a means of definition that would suit you and how you intended what you said. That definition would likely be founded by the representation of the colours that you were wearing and whose ever club those colours represented. You would suddenly find yourself have to pledge allegiances with things that you might not have had to at some point in the past, because you'd have to have an agreed polarity for the meanings of words. Affiliations with clubs and the colours of those clubs offer that. Unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because in this day and age, there might be people who want what you say to mean the opposite, and others that want it to be aligned with the original defined meaning. If you are someone that is watched by a lot of people, that might turn into a battle or competition between those groups and that would be essentially the cause of the poles jumping from North to South and then to North again etc...

So now you're caught in this eternal struggle between people whom seem to get away with a lot despite laws and civilization. What do you do?

Stick to the truth by the definitions that you always knew. If you step into their minefield, you'll never find your way out. It will be one direction one day and then the next the other. The day after that it might be the same as the day before then change halfway through the day. For the words to be lined up in definition with what you want them to, it takes people agreeing upon this fact. The problems resulting from this definition have to do with my prior post and the definitions of colours and the transference of good and burden according to the definitions of those colours.

If you say that you love someone, you want it to mean that to them but maybe, just maybe its better to keep it in the center and as your secret. If you've already revealed that to someone then you'd better keep it where it is because the forces at work nowadays will play you all over the place in that regard.

Many of the clubs that do reverse polarity, use the colour blue to represent that the polarity has been reversed, so use that first as a bearing.

Remember that the people who do, most often want to reverse whatever it is that you said or did to mean the opposite. So if you stood against something that they want protected, and your opinion is trusted by many, they're going to try to reverse the polarity of words in order to protect it.

Many groups and gangs do this as I've said and use it to run an area in terms of the underground economy. Groups use it in gaining control of the definitions of colours by one group more prominently than another in order to snare the communications and rule of an areas underground economy. So with this being a big game in some areas and others outside of those areas not understanding that these are the forces at work, it makes communications difficult. Stick with the truth that is well defined and that is a part of the history of words in the dictionary.

That's my advice and I depend upon it. The kind of people who play this polarity reversal game are not the kind of people that you want running things, because those definitions will flow in whatever direction benefits them, not what is good for and beneficial to society and people and more importantly, the truth.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

A Tale Of Two Identities

It was the best of crimes. It was the worst of crimes. He was a wealthy successful business owner. He was a poor and destitute homeless person.

If Charles Dickens had been speaking of identities when he penned A Tale Of Two Cities, that's how he might have begun his literary masterpiece of love and hate. It would make sense for anyone to have two identities or even more because you could simply pick the best one to suit your needs at any given time to deal with any situation.

Identity is more than just what is written on your identification. It is your very being to the core and the finger prints you leave behind in the world and how you affect it. So every driveway you shovel in the winter, every rant you might have about life, every donation you make to a charity, every time you hold the door for someone, every time you go to bat for someone else, every blog article you write, that's you. Therefore your identity is the impression that leaves upon others and if that impression is favourable or good, it can have value to those that have never met you or seen you but have heard say of you. Notoriety.

That's mostly the good things about you that create that impression upon others whether they know you personally or not. The private ones, and the ones that might vilify you to others such as every time you've raised your voice, every time you've said something that you did not mean to say, every time you've reacted, every time you've made a poor decision, every time you've done something that you'd rather not have it end up in the public awareness. Those are as much a part of you being you even if you were tricked or it was a mistake but they are the things that are personal to you as much as what colour underwear you are wearing. They are personal and private and not pertinent to all situations in public life. Those too make up parts of your identity though people would likely not understand context or situation that brought those things about all the time.

What if you had more good than you did bad? Then it would be easy for anyone else to make the claim that they were you. Your identity would be an easy grab for anyone because the weight of being you would be light if there was only benefit to it. So some people who though they were being good might have in order to protect you, come up with some stuff that made the act of being you a little bit more heavy, so that others who tried to take that identity would be in for a ride. The only thing is that those people never bothered you about those things.

Then later on in life, another group of people who thought to themselves if that person is who they really say they are, then wouldn't they have to be as much a part of their bad as they were their good? So in thinking that they decided to make it into a game of finding out all those secrets that others use to protect people who've got a lot of good to take if someone stole their identity. Once they have those secrets, they only need to subject the real person to tormenting about those things. If they drop those things or deny them, then they must not be the real people that own that identity then, are they?

So enter a bunch of people who figured out that if you tricked or set up a bunch of people into situations that they'd normally not take part in by playing their naivety, you could create the means to steal their identity. Especially if you had accounts of that activity from others.

So that's precisely what a group of people did, though they ultimately found out that they did not need to set any situations up. They only needed to find out about the victim's past, and find people who had similar things in common and they could trade the people's identities, because if one would react to the same stimuli that made the other react, then they must be the same person. That's how a group of people derived the logic in their effort to steal others' identities.

Before most knew it, this game had become global. It created a way to take another person's identity and trade the bad identity from one person onto another person. All if you cannot maintain the things that make you who you are.

Identity theft is so much more than stealing a wallet in this day and age. It is about stealing a person's being and reputation even without taking their identification. The persona and image you create online has value to others. Being able to distinguish between you in person and an online identity may be the biggest scam of the decades to come because is you are accomplished or are in the process of accomplishing, others who may not want to make the effort but reap the rewards might just conspire to take it from you.

The people who do these things and attempt to take from others via these means, often make it a game of implying that a deed belongs to whomever can keep it secret. So the cult make it game of trying to steal what you say and do from you by breaking it as a secret. So for the groups that do this, that means keeping you under constant watch so they can know when you accumulate secrets and accomplishments. Once they can keep a hand on the pulse of your accomplishments and activities, they know all your current secrets. They can then break you of them and and steal them for others claim. These groups that do this believe that the truth should go with whomever can protect it, not the person whom originated the word or deed.

Some groups might even found a moral logic to justify this action, claiming you to not be deserving of success by their definition of right and wrong and therefore ideology comes into play.

This is mostly just a heads up to those of you out there who have a web presence that forms up part of your online identity and could possibly form up part of your in person resume.

There are people out there who might try to as they do in your real life, create the impression of a lot of bad in association with your online identity so that there is no benefit to you in using it as a resume piece in your real life for it might be accompanied by a wealth of bad material about you to counterbalance the good of you online.

We all have things that we would not put on our resume and that does not make you bad. It makes you wise. There are however people who do not feel the same way, and feel it fair to fill in the blanks with an equal amount of your bad, contrived or not.

Be careful with your real identity and don't let anyone take it from you.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fame, Manipulation, Control And Blackmail

When someone is on their way up the success ladder and climbing it from the bottom, there are many others who help them along the way and many who might see their potential and many who might try to stop them. If someone is on their way up and has the potential to be in a position of public notoriety, that is a form of power and to some a form of power that can be manipulated. For some of those people, it can even mean an early retirement.

When someone is climbing that ladder, be it working as a waitress while going to audition after audition for a role on a film or on stage. Maybe volunteering and getting their name out there with the goal of running for office. Maybe they're at home writing a catchy song to add to their collection of catchy songs hoping that one day they'll find that one that gets them the finances to do it for a living. Regardless there are people who are potentially making such a bold and courageous attempt. There are also predators out there who seek to benefit when they sense that someone is on their way up.

What if that waitress auditioned for a role, and ended up meeting someone who courted them on a relationship. Then years down the road after the same waitress has now become a major motion picture star, that same lover releases a video tape of their sexual exploits, or contacts her threatening to do so unless she uses her influence to land that guy a gig as a crew member at the studio she works. Maybe a lot of people find out about the film, and they collectively use it to manipulate her when she's at the most vulnerable point of her life balancing her public life against her private one.

What if that volunteer goes out for a few drinks after a volunteering gig and admits a personal secret to someone, who takes that secret for years and then when that same volunteer is running for the office of the leadership of the country, that person cashes in on that secret. Demanding money to keep it quiet after all of the party and all of those people invested their time and money in that candidate for all of those years.

That songwriter writes a hit song and while on their first tour someone gets some photos of them afterwards engaging in activity that is set to publicly undermine them though the songwriter knows that the photos are not them, but nobody else does.

These are small examples of what some people and some groups do to get their hooks into someone early and then to cash in later. Either by using those situations as a form of manipulation to use the influence of that person to benefit the manipulators, or as a retirement plan for those who want to cash in when that person has "made it" or even as a means of insurance to prevent someone from taking a stance against someone who is in possession this knowledge.

So that method of control involves applying a vice of some form that is usually related to disreputable behaviour or some other controversial means of arm twisting that plays upon the fear of the situation becoming public knowledge. Allowing the victim to climb high enough for the knowledge of such a set up be valuable both in terms of power and possibly finances and publicity. So all of the others who are in possession of the knowledge of such a set up or situation could be said to have a part of the control, as they could use double speak to let the victim know that they know of the victim's association with that situation. All of those people could then use that as a means of manipulation of that person.

When that person is at their peak popularity, that situation or vice can prove to be a life changer in that person's career and the finances of others when that situation is used for personal gain such as through blackmail or the sale of such material. Sometimes some of the people that are on your side may even be lured to the other side much later when they see the potential value and the possibility of their own success and financial gain from such knowledge.

Many careers have probably been ruined by such efforts as the people doing so often steer their victim on a crash course, and often the groups doing so might even make one too many such attempt with the victim crashing long before they even get off the ground.

I would say that recent history has demonstrated this well. If you are trying to achieve success and are unsure about your path, make sure you keep your wits about you. There are those that might try to get their hooks to you in such a way that you'll later regret or that could take you off the tracks entirely. Be mindful of whom you give your trust to and make them earn it. If you are starting out from the bottom, don't sacrifice your integrity to get ahead to alleviate low finances and be careful of those who might trick you into doing as such for their benefit.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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