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Dealing With Mass Emotional Manipulation By A Group

I've talked about on this blog and other blogs the idea that there are some groups that attempt to manipulate others emotionally as a sort of game of control. This involves doing so in person or at a distance.

In such a effort involving the kind of manipulation that takes place in person, a victim who is in a state of peace or balance, is often polarized emotionally by an indiviual or the groups that conduct such activity in order to push them to have gradually more and more harsh reactions.

In doing so the victim might not feel responsible for their reactions as these reactions were the result of an invasive and aggressive effort of repeated provocation by an individual or by a group to achieve such a goal.

The individual or group practicing such a deed then claims that if the victim doesn't take responsibilities for their bad reactions, then how can they take the credit for their good deeds? If the victim was manipulated or controlled into such a reaction, then who is to say that when the victim did something good that they weren't also being controlled? That is the justification that the groups that conduct such an activity might come to in order to make it a market of theft of the victim's good deeds. This essentially is a form of extortion.

The same group may have also figured out ways to do so at a distance. By building up negative emotions in themselves as a collective, they trick their bodies into producing cortisol and adrenaline, which yields a sort of biomagnetic energy (not to be mistaken for "the force") that their bodies can use to affect the nervous system of another person at a distance and induce anxiety and panic attacks in those victims.

When such a victim has such a panic attack, they might not want to claim responsibility for their actions because it is clearly not related to anything that they do that results in such a response. The said group is conducting such activity and then uses the same logic to once again steal from the victim the credit for their good deeds by implying their ability to provoke these panic attacks as a means of control, therefore claiming to be controlling a victim when they do good as well.

This creates a problem for the victim who if ganged up on by such people could literally end up without benefitting for their own good actions and continually be indebted to these extortion groups. The groups that conduct this activity sometimes might have been told they are superior to others in some means and therefore need a justification to take the credit for the deeds of others that they feel are of lesser ability or stock whenever such a person achieves something of note. Victims of such activity end up in a real dilemma and if not curbed this activity could have dire consequences for their lives and careers.

I am going to suggest a different path here and a solution to this problem. The truth is that I've been revealing information about this activity for years now and investigating it as I did to further understand it.

The people who've conducted this activity have kept this form of theft secret from others for a long time. This means of affecting a victim have long been in use, and have victimized women or the men who loved those women in order to get to those women. It has been used on the basis of cultural difference between two partners as well whom the group did not feel were well suited to one another. It has been used to affect others on the basis of their sexual orientation as well as a pseudo punishment for straying from what might be normal with regard to sexual gender and physical gender. In the 1960s and 1970s this activity had become popular with some to a degree and often found its way to use against others whom the perpetrators used in a similar fashion without considering the emotions of their victim. This activity lead to many people (mostly women but there are and were men victims too) suffering from emotional problems as a result. Some attempted to address this theme and an effort to confront the morality of it also found its way into modern culture. Allegory was used as the medium to confront such ideas as it often is and through writers like Philip K. Dick and others in media art and philosophy attempted to confront it.

So there have been many victims of this form of extortion for quite a while. A form of puppetry of people that utilizes hate as the medium of choice for such puppetry. There is nothing wrong with real puppetry or other similar creative art forms, but attempting to do so to people for real is wrong unless its part of some mutually consenting activity involving adults. In doing so to a victim for real, the puppeteer might feel the justification for taking credit for the actions of their puppet using the justification that if the puppet doesn't want to take the responsibility for their bad reactions to this activity, then how can they take the credit for their good actions.

Those conducting the activity have long kept it secret from others, and its victims and anyone who took part in it is complicit to it. If enough people are victim to it or enough people find out or know about it, then it becomes a liability for the perpetrators to have been a part of it even if they wanted to reveal the truth about it to others. They made a choice not to liberate others from it but instead chose to victimize others. That's a similar liability to that they inflicted upon their victims.

Therefore would not the same logic apply? If they wanted to liberate others but did nothing and therefore don't feel themselves to be at fault for it, does that not sound like the defence of their victims despite the fact that many such people ignored the pleas of their victims with regard to such an activity?

Most people who've taken part in this activity know that it is wrong but still take part in it rather than to have attempted to liberate others from it. The more people who know about and liberate victims from it the less people will want to keep it secret, for the liability for doing so is tremendous as they would fall victim to their own logic for taking the credit for their victims deeds.

A thought to consider when and if you encounter it.

This activity by the way is not conducted by the authority or the rulers or any sort of organized activity of the system so it is important to be clear on that. It is not related to colours and their use in communicating ideas such as artistic expression, emotions and commerce as I have often spoke about though the ideology responsible seeks to dismantle these ideas and wants us to distrust our own society. Mind control is a popular them in some ideologies and has a role in cultural ideas as well (often mixed in with expression via colours). These ideas of the Far East are also not responsible despite the relationship between the idea of control and artistic expression as used through colours.

In a prior post I explained that there are those who understand the difference between fantasy and reality and when it is ok to try to make a fantasy a reality.

Most people who watch action movies or play video games know that if that action, violence or another activity is prevalent in the medium they are perusing in that way, that does not mean that they should run around in the streets for real attempting to do the same thing.

Likewise if most people watch an inspiring movie where a group of people follow their dreams and create something that changes the world like insulin or penecillin or automobiles or veterinary clinics or aircraft or some other similar thing, those people perusing the medium might be enthused to pursue their own aspirations for their benefit and the benefit of others.

Another adult who enjoys a situation depicted in a movie that has erotic elements (perhaps involving control or submission) might even want to try something like that for real with their adult partner, however they might choose to role play such a thing rather than to do so by actually making what happened in such a film happen for real. I would hope that most people in a loving relationship would want to enjoy their partners mind and creativity as much as they do body when it comes to sexuality and role play.

Some people in some of the groups that I have mentioned might not have the same idea with regard to what you should remain fantasy and what should become reality and when people are possessed of knowledge and techniques for affecting others in such a way, they lack the moral compass and the discipline not to use such knowledge and techniques to harm and victimize others.

Be concerned with anything that violates a person's freedom, health, privacy and peace non consensually.

Note: Everything in this and every blog entry that this writer makes is meant as it is written and not the opposite.

Brian Joseph Johns

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