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Hypocrisy In Society And The Burden Placed Upon A Woman For It


This article is a touchy subject and by such I would not be surprised if you the reader decided to pack it in and make your way to the next search engine ranking from the results of the search that brought you here. If you do stick around, you might be treated to a wonderfully sarcastic insight into the forces at work in places that don't often receive enough light. This is not a confession as I do not take part in the world of this article but I do live in the midst of it as I've got a bachelor pad with a great view of the Twilight Zone. I've been close to it for long enough to understand its inner workings a little bit more than I'd like to. Being responsible enough to understand that there are things that you should share responsibly I took the time to write this article.

Crack Cocaine And Its Role In This Article

One of the things that I often gripe about is in relation to the damages of the drug crack cocaine. I have no personal experience with it myself but during the course of my life I've been in proximity with those who've struggled with it. I do not support it's use or anyone who sells it in the least.

The factors that maintain its place in the market of the underground economy is the fact that it is cheap and it is highly addictive. In this way it has historically often been used as the drug of choice as the drug of control.

A drug of control is any narcotic where the cost versus addictiveness puts it within reach for a relatively small price, a price that puts it in competition with that of groceries or other necessities. Unlike cocaine, another highly addictive substance crack cocaine is available from street dealers for dramatically lower price.

The Forces At Work

In the case of street prostitution it is often the first step on that path and often the dealers of the narcotic are aware of this in the first place. Because the effects have a relatively high turn around rate, that is the time before the body tells you that it need more, it is also a debilitating narcotic. Once someone has taken the steps to secure their addiction to it, they are usually committed to procuring a new source of it on a regular daily basis. That makes working a regular job a near impossibility as one often requires a fresh supply of it and is almost using it at the same rate as that of a cigarette smoker. The behaviour of one who uses it is heavily affected as well further limiting their options.

There are few professions that can accommodate an addict in such a case and most often the profession most readily available is prostitution. A crack cocaine user rarely becomes a dealer because being a dealer in such a high risk market requires attentiveness, awareness and the ability to deal with customers who would pose the risk of exposing the dealer if their source of the substance is cut off or limited. So for most if not all women who start off using the substance the next inevitable step is prostitution.

The Underground Economy

In the underground there are many people who have been ostracised from society for one reason or another either by social forces who execute that verdict and maintain it without trial. Often these forces are executed in the name of an ideology or faith that seeks to torment them often in substitution  of the real wrong doers. The people acting as a surrogate malevolent force often limit the finances of such people (substitute or not) and maintain their place within the underground as a sort of hell.

Sometimes such people in the underground are pariahs and outcasts living off the books who cannot or do not support the ideas of society, some might be avoiding child support payments or other responsibilities they are seeking to avoid. Nonetheless they are there and live mostly on small incomes of support payments or cash under the table.

The Market Of Sexuality

One market that commonly occurs in such a situation is the need for sexual contact from a partner. In such an economy there are several factors that affect this and how it is resolved for such people.

The market forces confine the pricing for such a service to be offered by just anyone seeking to work in such an economy so that limits the work force in that respect. Finding people willing to work such a horrendous job pleasuring complete strangers who undoubtedly are at their lowest of lows is in such a situation nearly impossible.

In addition to this fact there are pseudo faith based groups who consider masturbation to be a carnal sin of huge proportions that they actually police it themselves, ensuring that it is not occurring. For people of such profoundly insightful and divine influence they've come to the conclusion that it is less of a sin to make use of the services of a prostitute than it is to take care of the business of one's pleasure upon their own.

Crack Cocaine As A Driving Force

Enter the crack dealer into such an economy and the crack addict into such a set of market forces. This presents a fresh approach to handling this high demand low profit market where the product is any lady that is willing to sell herself for a price less than twenty dollars. For a crack user twenty dollars is a fortune and can sustain the addiction for about an hour or sometimes two depending upon how far down the road they are in their addiction.

The crack dealer has not only secured the narcotics market for a cheap and highly addictive product but they've also managed to secure the sex trade market and to ensure its price and availability where customer buying power is low.

The dealer only needs to ensure a fresh supply of talent as the market place tends to go through talent quickly. Crack cocaine tends to age its users quickly and before long many such women who've stumbled their way to such an addiction or been lured there by the talent scout/crack dealer/predator is scarred and broken before long. A far cry from the often beautiful women they were on the road to becoming before their encounter into such forces. 

Perhaps the pseudo faith based groups so much against masturbation even receive kick backs themselves for maintaining the market forces by policing the sin of self pleasure. That way they can nearly always ensure a high demand against such competing forces. 

The Woman, Child And Substitution

Now that we understand the forces affecting and creating such a market and social architecture, let us consider the casualty that often is failed to be taken into consideration. The unwanted pregnancy.

Now a woman who undoubtedly started out life under a much different set of impressions who ended up addicted to crack and selling herself in order to pay for it ends up with an unwanted pregnancy.

Enter said pseudo faith based group who of course would much rather see the lady keep the child. The child who essentially exists as a "mistake" because of their unwillingness to accept that the sin of luring a woman to sell herself sexually in order to pay for an addiction is greater than the sin of masturbation.

The answer for some might be to pawn off the pregnancy onto a scapegoat for the real father. So the group of people responsible for such a mess seek to find such a substitute so as to protect their customer. 

In return this substitute gets the impossible task of carrying the burden of sin of the original father who of course is sold off as being of a "protected" lineage. The substitute then gets taken to be that person so they inherit whatever "protection" that person might have received as an ironic way of earning a blood heritage.

The pseudo faith based group even torments and punishes the substitute in this regard as part of the doctrine of their faith. The so called lamb for the slaughter. The real father is nowhere to be seen and living life peacefully and torment free.

In the midst of this turmoil the woman with said child makes the most responsible decision in her life given her addiction, her living circumstances and the fact that it is her body and decides to abort the pregnancy.

Once again enter the pseudo faith based group and their endless pursuit of righteousness and they decide to torment the woman for that decision once again underlining the irony of their acceptance of the use of crack cocaine and prostitution to pay for addiction to it.

Ultimately the burden of sin once again placed upon the shoulders of the woman and a man who had nothing to do with it except than to act as an unknowing substitute for a man who is likely enjoying life elsewhere, possibly with a string of unwanted children and a wake of destruction.

Hypocrisy doesn't always have to win.

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