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Social Engineering, Content And Identity Theft In The Modern Age


First we'll discuss some hypotheticals that make some assumptions about society and then we'll go a bit beyond hypothetical to reality in this topic and emergent social engineering.

One means of architecting a society in terms of social engineering in order to make sure that people contribute to it equally is to create a paradigm whereby if a person in that society doesn't make a decent effort towards some form of work or social contribution to their society, they must then carry the social burden or load for others that do make such an effort or contribution. This motivates people to at least be at par in terms of effort. 

This could be called negative motivation because it motivates people based upon the fact that if they do not contribute to the whole in some way that is deemed enough, they are then responsible for carrying the weight of the social burden for someone who does.

How Negative Motivation Works

In example someone who works and contributes readily to their society in such a way maybe has incidents in life they'd rather be kept quiet. Maybe a speeding ticket. Maybe a gambling problem. Maybe they cheated on a school exam. They did something that could prove to be a burden to them socially for this mistake if it became common knowledge. 

They work on a daily basis and they encounter someone who does not work. That person ends up with the social burden for the speeding ticket, or if they don't drive, they end up with the social burden for cheating on the exam or the gambling problem. What gives it value is if this person is regularly "bothered" about their mistake by others that have elected themselves as the ones to do so, then if someone else bares the weight for this mistake, the working person gains value from it. Two people essentially sharing the same identity in terms of productivity and social contribution.

In other words, the value comes from the peace that they get to experience with regard to their social burden in exchange for sharing the credit for their employment, which the unemployed person gets to experience as payment for carrying this burden for them. So the value is for it is based upon the level of peace they're allowed. This means that an organized outside force is in control of the market value for someone else's peace meaning they can set the value for what that person provides based upon the weight of the social burden they have associated with them.

Creating Social Burden

What if you take the same group who've been using social burden as a means to survive in society without giving back or necessarily providing value in exchange. Those people need no longer get the same reaction for the same social burden as the person that it is about has become comfortable with it. It is no longer stressful to them and therefore has no value to anyone because it is no longer a burden. Enter social burden creation.

This is the act of creating social burden for such a person that may later be redeemed by such a group's use of their victim's constructive or creative output essentially laying claim to it for their own. Creating social burden might include might include setting up situations that give one impression about their victim that is detrimental to their repute hence damaging their source of income or stress level. Creating reactions in the victim that are unbecoming and once again polarize people against the victim. Such a group doing so can create social burden using these methods and continue the activity as a whole.

Really this whole activity gives credence to the idea: forgive yourself and maybe others will too.

Market Value In Social Burden

Those who are in the know about these social burdens then have control over the market value for someone's contribution to society because they can affect the level of peace such a person experiences. Even if the social burden is relatively small in terms of morality (ie the social burden for jay walking). 

So the whole economy for such a thing is based upon tormenting a victim for one reason or another and charging them a price for their peace. In order to avoid this disturbance to their peace that person is forced to give up bits of their productivity to such people.

Enough such people and a person's peace can entirely become non-existent as each person doing so might opt for their part of that person's output in exchange for keeping their peace about their social burden.

This is a form of extortion but a difficult one to prove and many people already use it frequently in day to day life.

Reversing Social Burden

Now take the same group of people who literally survive via this effort of taking the credit for someone else's effort in such a way if that person hasn't opted to share it with others (which most people do but do so selectively, wary of what they want supported and what they don't).

Now take such a group that is in the business of taking the credit for another person's deeds in such a convoluted way and reverse the social burden element. Now instead of them taking and carrying social burden in exchange for taking the credit for the deeds of their victim, they are now loading the victim with their social burden which might in turn be harassed for by another group of people in order to give it value in removing it from such a person who of course is charged the price of the credit for their deeds.

This has become a complex form of extortion that is running rampant in many places.

Exploitation Via Eavesdropping

The danger is that in such an arrangement that a group of people could literally find one person who is productive in such a way and exploit them them indefinitely. They could literally keep the illusion that their victim's output was their output, going as long as they could convince others that the productivity and contribution to society of the person whose credit for which they were stealing was their own instead of the real producer.

In such a case such a group need only keep a constant stream of "fresh" social burden related to the person that provides value to them by their protection from a group that possesses it. 

In such a case what is to stop such group from using this means of doing things to wear a person out in order to provoke reactions that provide value to the person by keeping them secret for them? Once again this is a real phenomenon that does go on and is practiced by many who do use it as a form of extortion.

Social Engineering As A Form Of Identity Theft

Lastly in such a paradigm of social engineering what is to stop such a group of people to completely swapping one of more of their own identities with that of their victim. If their victim's effort is based inside of a computer or information technology then there is no "proof" that their work is their own. A reasonably equipped group of people with the right kind of eavesdropping technology could literally shop for victims to expunge such work from them. 

Via such eavesdropping they'd know details about what they were doing, when they did it and what kind of response and value it gave to society. If it was popular they would know and hence know in advance that it had more value than just taking the credit for creating it. Such a group could literally abscond with a person's output in such a way without really giving anything in return for it. Using illegal computer eavesdropping technology in such a way a group could actually bypass the means of measurement of a web sites popularity by rebroadcasting it to others via their means.

If their content drew attention from web users, because the source of the content is read once by the eavesdropping technology and then rebroadcast to many, this circumvents the statistics tracking that measure such the popularity meaning a content producer cannot benefit from the popularity of their content and a media company cannot track its popularity. In such eavesdropping a group of people might even steal the effort of such a person and apply it to someone else completely.

Content Coverage, Market Forces And The Damage

The media rely upon accurate data to determine the value of their product. If that data is not accurate then they cannot with any certainty charge a price for advertising that takes into account the coverage of their medium.

For instance seeing as the product in such a medium is the content, if there is no accurate way to know how many people are partaking of content or who they are then the value to advertisers is useless because there is no guarantee to the coverage they receive when they show their ads in association with specific content.

Such an illegal eavesdropping programs could literally have serious repercussions for such media giants should it continue. If content is rebroadcast bypassing the mechanisms used for content tracking, then the media has no way of knowing the value of their own product and therefore what price to charge their customers: the advertisers. The content producer more importantly is not rewarded for their effort.

This activity is becoming more of a serious boon to such mediums and is currently being played by groups doing so.

Unfortunately until this media understands the problem and invests resources to understand it, this might prove to be the new obstacle to content value determination and content theft. Gone are the days where downloading an mp3 or an iso is the real threat. Why not take something that has value? 

The victims of this emerging crime are the content producers and those involved with media measurement and coverage analysis.

Welcome to the age of content and identity theft.

Keep in mind that members of the groups trying to perpetrate such activity will try to wreck the context of this blog post by reversing the context of love and hate (often called blue love). The people attempting to reverese this context are not associated with the Oriental culture (the Oriental cultures of the Far East often use the reversal of love and hate to fix a bad situation when hate has far outweighed love over the course of a day with a group of people). If such a context is reversed by the groups practicing it locally, then this effectively would mean the opposite in terms of which side of such an expose favoured. Those are the forces involved in keeping it in place.

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