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Biomagnetism: WiFi Of The Body Part 3

Biomagnetism Revisited

In the last post in this series we covered the possibilities of how such an ability might be used to affect another person's nervous system and trigger production of hormones via the endocrine system. All of it done via people who've practised directing their biomagnetic field and tuning it into that of another person. The physiology of two different people is similar enough when it comes to the nervous system and endocrine system that with practice and effort such a group might be able to find a compatible match in terms of such a connection between two people via biomagnetism whether or not this is consensual. In other words there are many who attempt as such even without consent. Some of the groups that conduct this activity with or without consent call this form of connection the transfer of blood.

Effects Of Transferred Hormone Production

Affecting another person's hormone production can have a series of impacts upon their physiology, metabolism and the regular functioning of their body. This is a side effect of affecting a person's regular and natural hormone production much as it is often a side effect or a risk associated with some (not all) Pharmaceuticals. Often the biggest factor in affecting hormone production in such a means to affect their physiology is related to metabolism and metabolic rate. This difference in physiology has a series of potentially destabilizing effects upon the victim's system. For one, it can result in the production of and the affecting of someone's hormones in such a way that affect their metabolic rate and rate of weight gain or weight loss. It might affect someone's desire to consume food if their body is "tricked" into producing the correct set of hormones. Hormones or lack thereof might also create lack of motivation and even in some cases depression based upon the differences in two people in terms of natural metabolic rate and balancing of mood stabilizing of hormones. These are side effects with some pharmaceuticals that affect hormone production as much as they are side effects of someone attempting to link via biomagnetism to another person.

Why Would A Group Of People Do Such A Thing?

Using this method of affecting someone against their will can have a potentially traumatic and devastating upon their emotional system as it can their physiological attributes such as metabolic rate in much the same way that pharmceuticals can in some cases isolate and protect a person from these effects and in some cases it is a side effect of them. The question is why would a group of people want to conduct such activity to affect a person either emotionally or effect their metabolic rate?

Eugenecism: A Predetermination Of A Person's Station In Life

Eugenics is an ideology that purports that based upon blood and geneology, a person is more suited to some tasks than others and that blood and geneology determine a person's right to take part in those activities. So if you aren't born with the right kind of blood or the correct genetics, you don't have the right to do certain things in life. This idea is covered very well in the movie Gattaca involving a society that has organized itself into a pseudo caste based society that confines those of less than perfect blood or geneology to menial jobs. In order to be able to work in administration or another clerical, science or creative job a person must possess this perfect blood or the correct geneology. In another twist some followers of eugenics bend this for those confined to wheel chair or those who are immobilized in some way, so that they are the exception to those allowed to work a "stationary" job, in front of a computer or creatively in some other such position. If you are possessed of less than this blood or genetics or are not of limited mobility (including those who extreme obesity problems), you have no real choice in your vocation regardless of whether you are talented, skilled, trained and capable or not. Eugenics also seeks to cut off dead ends in the genetic branches or lines of those with genetic diseases by preventing their participation in procreation via social isolation and manipulation.

Proactive Interference And Social Engineering

In the modern world, there are groups who have synthesized a methodology of ensuring that people who are not entitled to work behind a computer or in a creative field because they are possessed of lesser blood or genetics are prevented from doing so. Often such groups hide behind the fact that such work should be reserved for those who are not able bodied (a good idea for sure, but to be shared with and not on the basis of physical limitation) though they are really using that as camouflage to protect their practice of eugenics, an ideology that has had a hidden following in some (free) countries for a few centuries. Social engineering might include measures by such a group to prevent those whose blood or genetics is lesser from working in such fields. The methods of prevention generally include collective harassment by the members of such group (who refer to such activity as "nutting") and a variety of other methods meant to ensure that such a person is limited to only the jobs their blood or genetics allow them be a part of.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth Stopping A Career

Some such groups that follow this ideology are willing to go to a great deal of effort to ensuring that such stations in life are only held by those who they feel should be reserved for such a thing based upon blood or genetics. When it is mixed with collective effort to prevent lesser people from engaging in such activities a number of methods of doing so have arisen. The first as explained above is collective harassment which is often conducted to prevent clear thought and to isolate such a victim, making them afraid to leave their dwelling so they are more easily affected by the other steps. The other steps are where biomagnetism come into play and involve the collective engaging in such social engineering to affect their victim's hormone production in order to discredit them via reaction (as discussed in the prior post), or to affect their physique in such a way that would give them the right to be in such a position. In other words the people doing so don't believe that someone whose blood or genetics are less than perfect believe that such a person cannot both be physically fit and work in a field where they are immobile. That right is only reserved for those of the correct blood or genetics or those amply immobile according to their ideology. I completely agree that those who are disabled and immobile should have access to jobs and training in such fields, but to hide behind it to protect eugenics and to limit someone on the basis blood or genetics is completely wrong and immoral.

Biomagnetism And Control

I've mentioned above how some groups that believe that those of lesser blood and genetics should not be allowed to participate in some vocations in life. What happens if they cannot prevent it? They use biomagnetism and a connection to their victim to claim they are controlling their victim into having those abilities by someone else's superior blood or genetics. In other words if you've clearly proven as a person that a person with lesser blood or genetics can just as easily do things as someone else who has perfect or true blood or genetics, their ideology is in danger of collapse. Such a group in order to ensure the survival of such an ideology at the expense of their victim claim that the victim gains that ability from someone else, a donor of sorts who then takes a percentage or all of the credit for what the victim does.

So the victim still cannot benefit from the fact that they can clearly do something that is not limited to those of pure or perfect blood or genetics. Such a group that isolates their victim in such an organized fashion are usually in dire need to keep their effort secret from the system and social structures that be because their ideology operates independently and often in spite of it.

And Finally: Aggressive Conversion

The definition of pure or perfect blood in the scheme of things with regard to biomagnetism refers to someone who does not damage or harm their system via the use of mood altering narcotics and generally eats healthy and takes care of their body. It is not dependent upon culture but dependent upon lifestyle. When another group of people engages in the use of crack cocaine, heroine and other such narcotics and pain killers, it slowly depletes the ability of the body to produce the correct levels of dopamine and serotonin naturally, so that when someone is without it, they will feel depressed, agitated and imbalanced as a result. When such a person or group of persons utilizes techniques associated with biomagnism and linking to another person's nervous system, the victim's endocrine system will match the lack of production of serotonin and dopamine much the same as the user of the narcotic that has affected or imbalanced their body in such a way. 

When a victim of this activity is affected in such a way they would likely feel horrible. When someone else who claims to have perfect blood comes along and utilizes their biomagnetism to link to the victim's body, their body is once again restored in terms of the balance production of serotonin and dopamine and hence the victim would believe the person to have perfect or pure blood. Some such ideologies abuse the term blood paid to mean that they are on the basis of their perfect or pure blood entitled to the credit for what you do based upon the use of their blood. That is they gain the credit and the benefit from what you do while you gain little or nothing. This is in contradiction to the idea of what blood paid means in terms of the Crown and in countries like Canada, where it means that one has earned the right of association by representing the ideals of what the Crown or Canada stands, but is not forced to give up the credit for what they do in such a way to others in payment. The right of association is paid for by way of deed.

Such groups often work together to convert large numbers of people to going along with such an idea without really understanding what is going on. In other words if a group of people teams up to make a person feel horrible all the time until they side with an ideology that purports that there are people with pure or perfect blood and genetics and that they can heal others of this ill feeling, that person being unable to protect themselves against such conversion practices involving the abusive use of biomagnetism (unless they do what many women did in the 1960ies and go on a prescription of Prozac) might be forced to join such an ideology in order to avoid such effects from the aggressive conversion group. Another use is the use of aggressive conversion to those who might practice eugenics or to believe another group or race is the true race. Be wary of such practices and recognize them.

Such groups that target such people might also employ a medium of perpetrating this activity a constant theft of their victim's deeds, possibly even implying a payment scheme for the paying of social debts or the cleaning out of a victim's history or bad deeds (often paid for their history of good deeds). The groups involved in such activity often hide their activity in such a way by implying that a person who reveals such a practice holds a bad attitude or is negative and is therefore further subject to this ideology and having more of their words or deeds stolen. The group and ideology doing so even employ illegal eavesdropping technology to facilitate this theft of deeds and use it to measure their influence of control over a person by such means as biomagnetism by measuring whom they bias in order to know who in advance to give the credit for your deeds. When such a group or ideology does such a thing, they can be very invasive and abusive. The group doing so and the victim are often kept isolated and trapped while good the victim does is credited to others as they are literally buries and erased.

Biomagnetism And Healing

I've discussed the negatives and how some groups use such a quality of the human body abusively and to further their own ideologies. For four thousand years in Asia, Parts of Europe and in Africa, it has been used as a method of healing. It started about four thousand years ago in the Far East and India and spread from there to be shaped into many different forms of treatments such as Kundalini Yoga, Qi gong, Reiki, Hermetics, Auyurvedic medicine and even forms of Wicca. All encompassing the use of the human biomagnetic field to heal. There are even treatment centers that have modernized various branches of such healing using specially tuned physical magnetics treating both humans and in some cases equestrians. So it is still used by more people for healing, but keep an eye out that such a great thing does not make its way into such schemes as I've discussed in the prior posts in this topic.

Stay Well And Be Safe
Brian Joseph Johns

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