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WiFi Of The Body: Our Biomagnetic Field

Our Nervous System And Signalling

Our nervous systems operate by signalling our brain of activity in our sensory receptors be they sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. This signalling occurs by electrical impulses which travel the length of our nervous system from the source of the sensation to our brain, where we perceive it and it becomes a sensation to us that occurred in a location in our body. The actual sensation occurred not in the area the event took place, but in our brain and mind. It started as an event, us touching an object, the nerves in our fingers create a chemical based electrical charge initiated by pressure and temperature. That signal has a particular signature that that travels all the way through the nerves of our arms, to our spinal column and the spinal cord and up into our brain where it is deciphered and translated into a sensation. All of that happens as a result of our biochemistry (temperature and pressure create the electrical current resulting from our touching the object), bioelectric current (a minute electrical charge which travels the length of our nervous system) and our brain which deciphers the electrical impulse and tells us that we fell something.

Our Nervous System And Substances That Affect Us

The same thing applies to substances that we consume. For instance some substances that we eat can make us feel good. It is a feeling that is much like the sensation of touch, though it effects our overall mood rather than acting as a feedback to interaction. Some sweets for example can have that affect upon people as consuming them causes the body to produce endorphins and sometime even dopamine, both of which are feel good hormones naturally produced by the body. The same process is going on except this time the signal occurs as a result of our taste buds and perhaps digestion to a small degree. Our taste buds produce and electrical current biochemically upon sampling whatever had happened to come into contact with them. The current travels through the nerve fibres to our spinal column and spinal cord and up into our brain. There is is interpreted by our brain (usually our hypothalamus) which signals our endocrine system to produce a hormone such as an endorphin or dopamine which gives us the sensation of feeling good.

Bioelectricity Is To Network Cables What Biomagnetism Is To WiFi

Any electrical current that travels through a conductive medium produces a magnetic field around the area electrical current travels, following it. A magnetic field if it were visible would resemble a three dimensional haze emanating from the area around the current. It would fluctuate in time to as a result of its interaction with the charged particles in the air and the level of current that produced it. The fluctuations in the level of current are likely how the body encodes information for the nervous system and the brain to decipher and to propagate the resulting input into sensory output or perception and cognition of some form. This information would be encoded into the level of current created and how it fluctuated over time in response to the sensory input such as that of touch or taste. This information would then also be encoded into the magnetic field that was produced as a result of that current as stated by Maxwell's Laws of Electromagnetism. Considering that the nervous system and spinal cord are alight with such electrical activity nearly constantly as such information passes between our senses and our brains, that must also mean that our bodies are surrounded by a constantly fluctuating magnetic field that contains all of the encoded information being communicated along our spinal column. 

When a magnetic field travelling through the air passes through another conductor, it creates a resonant electrical current in the conductor mirrored by that of the magnetic field. Our bodies being conductors are just perfect for such a thing. What would stop this biomagnetic field from stimulating someone else's nervous system? In such a case that would make it like a WiFi signal that could connect to other bodies. If the signalling was interpreted similarly in the brains of the two people whose biomagnetic fields interfered in such a way, then those two people would likely feel the same sensations as the other that were compatible to the ability of the hypothalamus and other parts of the brain to interpret the signals and produce hormones via the endocrine system. That would mean that a person who was attempting such a thing could conceivably make another person feel the same way that they were feeling. That is if they ate a sweet that stimulated good feelings in their body, they could make someone else's body feel the sensations associated with eating that sweet. Likewise if the person had a high degree of anxiety or anger, they could make someone else feel that way biochemically as the endocrine system produces cortisol and adrenaline in such cases. Conceivably someone could affect someone else's body state from a distance via these methods as everything that I've mentioned here is valid scientifically and some of it is in the early stages of research.

The truth is that there are many people who practice this sort of thing as a form of healing art such as Qigong, Reiki and Yoga. While there are some that practice it invasively as a means to manipulate others emotionally as I've discussed on this blog in other sections. If our actions can be influenced at least in part by our emotions and our emotions can be influenced by the level of hormones in our body, then this would definitely be a way to affect someone emotionally. The truth is that there are many people that conduct this sort of activity without the consent of others and with complete disregard for their well being. Some even use it as a form of punishment and conditioning to further their ideology. So how do we protect ourselves and deal with this in the future and what moral implications does this hold for us?

A Simple Breakdown Of How It Works:

Maxwell's Law Of Electromagnetism states that an electrical current passing through a conductor creates a magnetic field and vice versa, a magnetic field passing through a conductor creates an electrical current in that conductor.

The nervous system utilizes electricity (electrochemical signals) as a means of sending signals from one part of the body to the part of the brain that decodes the meaning of the signal and back to another part of the body to create a response or reaction.

Most of these signals involve information received from our senses in response to perception or interaction with the world around us.

The human body produces a magnetic field of its own called a biomagnetic field.

This biomagnetic field contains all of the information encoded in real-time pertaining to the communications taking place between our senses, nerves, nervous system and our brain.

Because this biomagnetic field contains information that might be compatible from body to body and as it can be decoded by the original body that produced it, if this field passes over into the body of another person it might by way of the body being an electric conductor turn to an electric current that might be interpreted by the nervous system and brain of the body that it connects with.

Because much of the functioning of the nervous system is geared around producing hormones from the adrenal and endocrine glands, when another person's body is affect by the magnetic field from someone else's body, there is a chance the receiving person's body might respond to the signalling of the nervous system of the person from it originated. If there are instruction to produce hormones from the adrenal or endocrine glands, then the other person's body might also produce those hormones as well.

So if the transmitting person feels healthy or happy, then the receiving person might feel the same by the resulting production of dopamine and serotonin from the transmitting body.

If the transmitting person feels angry or in the midst of anxiety, then the receiving person might feel anger or anxiety by the resulting production of cortisol and adrenaline from the transmitting body.

The same would be the case from a person who was using a narcotic of some form or under the effects of some hormone enhancing/reducing drug.

In a future post I will discuss this in detail and hopefully arrive at some conclusive awareness for us all.

For the time being, suffice it to say that I believe that people who conduct the activity against the free will of another human being are conducting a great injustice upon them and I am sure that many people would agree.

Stay Well And Be Safe

Brian Joseph Johns


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A book full of information on the phenomenon. Chapter 21 is highly recommended as it pertains directly to stimulation of the nervous system by an outside means, in essence the simulating of the signalling involved in nerve responses. These responses directly affect the output of the adrenal and endocrine glands which play a big role in anxiety and a number of other mood effectors.

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