Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fame, Manipulation, Control And Blackmail

When someone is on their way up the success ladder and climbing it from the bottom, there are many others who help them along the way and many who might see their potential and many who might try to stop them. If someone is on their way up and has the potential to be in a position of public notoriety, that is a form of power and to some a form of power that can be manipulated. For some of those people, it can even mean an early retirement.

When someone is climbing that ladder, be it working as a waitress while going to audition after audition for a role on a film or on stage. Maybe volunteering and getting their name out there with the goal of running for office. Maybe they're at home writing a catchy song to add to their collection of catchy songs hoping that one day they'll find that one that gets them the finances to do it for a living. Regardless there are people who are potentially making such a bold and courageous attempt. There are also predators out there who seek to benefit when they sense that someone is on their way up.

What if that waitress auditioned for a role, and ended up meeting someone who courted them on a relationship. Then years down the road after the same waitress has now become a major motion picture star, that same lover releases a video tape of their sexual exploits, or contacts her threatening to do so unless she uses her influence to land that guy a gig as a crew member at the studio she works. Maybe a lot of people find out about the film, and they collectively use it to manipulate her when she's at the most vulnerable point of her life balancing her public life against her private one.

What if that volunteer goes out for a few drinks after a volunteering gig and admits a personal secret to someone, who takes that secret for years and then when that same volunteer is running for the office of the leadership of the country, that person cashes in on that secret. Demanding money to keep it quiet after all of the party and all of those people invested their time and money in that candidate for all of those years.

That songwriter writes a hit song and while on their first tour someone gets some photos of them afterwards engaging in activity that is set to publicly undermine them though the songwriter knows that the photos are not them, but nobody else does.

These are small examples of what some people and some groups do to get their hooks into someone early and then to cash in later. Either by using those situations as a form of manipulation to use the influence of that person to benefit the manipulators, or as a retirement plan for those who want to cash in when that person has "made it" or even as a means of insurance to prevent someone from taking a stance against someone who is in possession this knowledge.

So that method of control involves applying a vice of some form that is usually related to disreputable behaviour or some other controversial means of arm twisting that plays upon the fear of the situation becoming public knowledge. Allowing the victim to climb high enough for the knowledge of such a set up be valuable both in terms of power and possibly finances and publicity. So all of the others who are in possession of the knowledge of such a set up or situation could be said to have a part of the control, as they could use double speak to let the victim know that they know of the victim's association with that situation. All of those people could then use that as a means of manipulation of that person.

When that person is at their peak popularity, that situation or vice can prove to be a life changer in that person's career and the finances of others when that situation is used for personal gain such as through blackmail or the sale of such material. Sometimes some of the people that are on your side may even be lured to the other side much later when they see the potential value and the possibility of their own success and financial gain from such knowledge.

Many careers have probably been ruined by such efforts as the people doing so often steer their victim on a crash course, and often the groups doing so might even make one too many such attempt with the victim crashing long before they even get off the ground.

I would say that recent history has demonstrated this well. If you are trying to achieve success and are unsure about your path, make sure you keep your wits about you. There are those that might try to get their hooks to you in such a way that you'll later regret or that could take you off the tracks entirely. Be mindful of whom you give your trust to and make them earn it. If you are starting out from the bottom, don't sacrifice your integrity to get ahead to alleviate low finances and be careful of those who might trick you into doing as such for their benefit.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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