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The Abuse Cycle, Terrorism And Social Abuse: How It All Relates

Contrast And Extremity

Contrast is often what defines our concepts of good and bad, right and wrong and just how extreme those concepts are. The more contrasting in nature of opposites, the more extreme the juxtaposition of those ideas is. So in order to see something as being very good, we might need to see something in contrast that is very bad. A bright light in other words makes a dark shadow just as a dark shadow is needed to see how bright a light is. This is the overall concept of this post and it relates to the topic, though not in ways that you might expect at first.

Terrorism is the malevolent planning to harm other people and to create fear most often in order to further an ideology.

Terrorism even operates though in the same way, because it hopes to incur a reaction in the victim that makes the victim of terrorism look like the monster rather than the people who conduct the terrorism. That reaction will further the goals of those conducting the terror by making the reaction of the victim appear to be monster-like.

Another aspect relating this to terrorism is that when someone conducts such an act, they are hoping that the retaliation is so bad against them or their people, that it actually creates a social debt against the people who reacted against it. Later the people that reacted against the terrorist act might feel guilty for reacting so harshly. It is this that terrorists hope to benefit by and that is the very thing that is meant by luring someone to give their life up in the name of such an act and telling them it will benefit their people. Its because they are trying to harvest from their victims by turning their reaction against the terrorism into a debt.

The people who reacted in a hostile manner will eventually feel guilty about it and make it up to those they reacted against. That means that they are rewarding those people for their terrorist act. This is why martyrdom is so powerful a symbol in recruiting. Because its' the reaction against terrorist acts that result in the social debt and social guilt, which then acts to reward the the terrorism in the first place.

How It Relates To The Spousal Abuse Cycle

The abuse cycle works the same way where it happens in regard to someone abusing their spouse. They might abuse their spouse for a long time hoping for a reaction from them. When the spouse reacts, they might really respond harshly and the abusive spouse wants that. The abused spouse might go away and later after they calm down they might feel guilty for their reaction against their abusive spouse and then try to make it up to them. If they do, they are rewarding the abusive spouse for their abuse. This is what keeps the abuse cycle going in such relationships.

So in other words the abused is rewarding the abuser when they feel guilt for their reaction to such an abuser and then offer to make it up to them. This is the draw of terrorism. In other words the reaction that terrorism spawns can create a social debt against the society who reacts harshly in response to it and the kind of people who plan and conduct terrorism know that. A generation or two down the road and its a debt that might be paid by our children or theirs. That means they're rewarding it and that's what the allegory of martyrdom as interpreted by extremism is trying to sell to those who'll buy it and conduct such acts. Often giving up their lives in the process. If you attack someone and they respond in anger and loathing, they become the monster and the Casus Belli is in the favor of the attackers. That is sooner or later the public might deem that reaction as a debt in favor of the attackers. That's basically rewarding the attacker for their violence just as giving an abuser a pleasurable favor out of guilt for overreacting to their abuse is rewarding the abuser.

Social Abuse

Social abuse operates in a similar way. A group of people gang up on one person and every person provides a little bit of the abuse collectively over time. They're hoping that person will eventually overflow and react and when they do, they call it a social debt owed by their victim to those that abused them. So social abusers gang up as a group on one person and do essentially the same thing. They each provide a little piece necessary to get a reaction from their victim and call it a debt literally and try to collect on it by stealing the words or deeds of the victim that they do this to. Social abuse has become a very common game in some communities across North America (and possibly other places). It is quite common here in Toronto, Canada.

Each person applies a little bit of the abuse to one person that accumulates over time and builds up in the victim. They might even collaborate to take away aspects of the victim's life such as a relationship and career. That further results in pressure to get the victim to burst. When they do, they might appear to be more monster-like than the social abusers themselves because social abuse is seldom detectable.

The truth is though that the people who do that are the real monsters. If such people would push a person to hate, then perhaps it is them who are the real haters?

Now Bring In Contrast

The contrast to making someone appear good is often to make someone else appear bad. The more this contrast, the more the effect. So to make someone else look really good, such a group might just need to abuse someone collectively until they react in a bad way, which contrasts the person they're trying to make appear good. Of course the reaction that might be gotten from the abuse victim might even be charged as a debt against them too. In this way, the people who would do such a thing have a lot in common with terrorists. They're benefiting from the negative reaction they incur in a victim, then hoping to call it a debt or that their victim feels guilty for their reaction and rewards the abusers.

So there's a strong link between terrorism, spousal abuse, and social abuse in that way.

Social Abuse And Modern Technology

In this day and age with modern technology (which I love by the way), the social abusers have learned to use it to collect social debts by illegal eavesdropping and the theft of their victim's deeds by spying on their computers so they know when there's something to take from the victim to pay for the social debts the social abusers themselves incurred. So in other words, they can spy on your computer (illegally), then figure out who you are and if what you do on your computer is good, they only need to socially abuse at home or in your community in order to create a reaction so they can call it a debt. Worse, they could simply claim that someone else created whatever you were working on. The same people use it to steal directly from their victims as well.

First of all, its not the Government that's spying on its citizens for this purpose. It is some citizens, interest groups, ideologies and even criminal gangs who are spying on other citizens in communities all over. The truth is that those who are doing the spying, blame it on the Government in both the United States and Canada. Those doing are usually not interested in voting or filing taxes.

Some Government employees might benefit from the illegal spying while others possibly even for the purposes of keeping an eye on risks of terrorism, but it is not generally conducted by the Government or the Policing services as much as it is conducted by other interest groups, criminal gangs and probably many of them simultaneously. Even the intelligence services of others countries who share their intel with their interest groups locally and vice versa. In this sense in some areas it is a volatile situation that goes to great lengths to keep this activity secret within the communities where it operates.

I am not anti Government at all and vote and file my taxes every time I'm required to do so to support our Parliamentary democracy. I hope that everyone at least makes the effort to vote.

If you don`t think that it's possible or believe that its not happening, then read this. I don't believe that the Government is out to get us at all. Nor are law enforcement or intelligence services. I believe that anti-Government groups have gotten a lot more organized and use other people's identities to conduct their activities and operate in communities to swap their activities with a solitary victim that they isolate. Usually an innocent person whom has nothing to do with it whose efforts such a group steals and then dumps their activities onto the their victim.

I've also posted numerous articles on these facts as well. The problem doesn't appear to be the spying itself but the fact that there are civilians who end up with access to such spying output themselves illegally and use it for their own personal agenda or in order to further their ideology or criminal activities preying upon people who use the technology for some good ends.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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